2014 summary of mcmf yidg news


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2014 summary of mcmf yidg news

  1. 1. Mien Christian Mission Fellowship (MCMF) Yesu Iu-Mienh Dongh Hnyouv Gorn (YIDG) 777 Sonoma Street, Suite 208, Richmond, CA 94805 Tel. (510) 412-0418 www.yidg.org mienradio@yahoo.com 2014 SUMMARY OF MCMF / YIDG NEWS – Past & Future JANUARY YIDG board planning meeting in Seattle FEBRUARY Mien Friendship church in Richmond, CA again celebrated Mien New Year. They began with a tournament of traditional games and sports. Then there was a good program which included traditional chants, a fashion show, skits of traditional Mien life in Asian mountains, exhibit of Mien artifacts, etc. This was followed by a traditional meal. Donations were for Mien Radio. Several from YMBC, Richmond & Oakland Mien churches left for 1 month mission in Mien villages of Thailand and Laos. MARCH Mien Radio ministry began 20th year of broadcasting! Through it thousands of Mien and Kim Mun have come to Christ, many church planters are being trained each year in SE Asia. APRIL MAY Report of annual couples’ retreat was held in Washington. JUNE JULY Bible Recording Project Report to this date: Richmond Site - We have completed the recording of the following books in the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, and the final corrections for the Book of Ruth were completed and sent to Ann Burgess to listen. We are now recording Esther and will continue on chapter six on our next recording session. Seattle Site – We have completed about half of Psalms. There have many distractions and the recording has been on a halt. It is anticipated that the recording will resume in September after all the summer activities winding down. Thailand Site – In the Spring of 2013, we began working with the Thailand Mien Christian Fellowship to establish a recording site in Maechan. A group of potential readers, proof listeners, and technicians were trained and equipment was set up. Through the year, technical issues have risen, we spent the last year mitigating. As of May, we have resolved all technical issues. More than a dozen potential readers have submitted their voice samples. The Bible
  2. 2. Recording Project committee is in the process of evaluating and assigning books to the selected readers. The official recording has not started yet. We are still in the process of finalizing the selection of readers. We are waiting for two more sample readings after which we will make final selection of readers. After the selection, a team of recording technicians will go and help the team in Thailand with their first recording so that we can ensure the quality of recording is same or better than those in the USA. July 15-19 Mien Christian Youth Association camp at Mt. Hope, Forbestown, CA Yau Meng will again lead group to minister in China –primarily to Mien. Several Mien young adults, including one nurse, will be going. AUGUST August 8-10, 2014 Annual Mien Family Camp to be held in California. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Dec 12-14 International Women's Conference at Baac Laiv Luangx Church, Thailand. December 16-23 Marriage and Family Training for Church Leaders/Pastors in a CAN. Dec. 24-31 -a special revival/camp in Nan Province, Thailand. All 3 of these events to be led by Dr. Youd Sinh Chao & his wife. SPECIAL NOTE Many Mien church groups and individuals go each year on short term mission trips to Asian Mien. Ricky Chao returned from 2 year internship in Laos in March. He also ministered in Thailand, Vietnam, and China. Mey Ho Saephan returned from 1 year internship in Thailand and Laos. Most Mien churches also conduct their own retreats such as for children, youth, men, women, etc.