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2014 1 issue one

  1. 1. 60 Y60 YEARSEARS SSERVINGERVING PPOLANDOLAND 19541954--20142014 Although the flame of the Gospel once burned brightly in Europe, today in the twenty-first century we find mere flickers of light amongst a primarily agnostic and increasingly atheistic people. Even in Poland, a historically “Christian” nation, recent statistics show that loyalties to the Catholic Church are diminishing significantly as more and more people have become disillusioned with organized religion. Ties to the Church are maintained based solely upon religious traditions which are deeply woven into the fabric of Polish culture. Add to this the rising consumerism, secularism, and effects of rapid globalization and the outcome is less than bright. The need to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel message is greater than ever. That is why this picture means so much to us. These are the pastors and church leaders who shepherd and lead the Christian Church congregations throughout Poland. These are the men who carry the torch of the gospel in their cities and who encourage their people to shine the light of Jesus. These are the faithful ones who are on their knees, seeking God’s wisdom and grace to effectively engage Polish culture and bring hope to their nation. What a privilege and honor it is to partner with these dedicated men of God. Will you join us in praying for them and their families? As we reflect on PCM’s sixty years in Poland, we are amazed at what God has done. We give thanks for each church and each leader. Let us pray that God will raise up even more churches and leaders to faithfully shine His light in Poland. Oh, send out Your light and Your truth! … (Psalm 43:3) Caption describing picture or graphic. CARRYING THE TORCH Polish Christian Ministries Winter/Spring 2014 Polska Herald
  2. 2. Exciting things are happening in Poland this year. In preparation for the Festival of Hope, a large evangelistic event in Warsaw this June, the church leaders in Poland are coming together with a strong emphasis on evangelism. Andrzej Bajenski, the head overseer for the Christian churches in Poland, gives the following update: “January was a good month for our country. Normally, January is the coldest and snowiest month in Poland. But not this year. We had very little snow and unexpectedly warm temperatures. The first two weeks of the year were totally dedicated to preparations for this June’s Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham as the main speaker. My job is to prepare counselors for this big outreach event. This might be the largest evangelistic event done by evangelicals in Poland. We will need about 6,000 counselors for June 14/15. The first 2 1/2 days of training for over 200 instructors from all over Poland was held in Warsaw January 6-8 and now we are preparing for the next one-day seminars in four of the main big cities. I tell you, it is a big challenge for all of the evangelical churches here. On January 6 we called a special meeting in Warsaw for all the pastors and key leaders of the Christian churches. Fifty of them came to pray together and to declare the year 2014 as ‘THE YEAR of the PRIORITY of EVANGELISM’ in all our churches and ministry efforts. Now all the Christian church pastors/leaders are working on their personal and church evangelistic goals and plans. Within the next two weeks I should receive copies of all these plans so we will encourage one another in this work. It is exciting to see how both big and small church pastors are switching gears from inner ministries to those outside the church with an outreach focus. Please pray that this process would bring a new freshness and much fruit in evangelism.” Year of Evangelism Page 2 60 Years Serving Poland 1954 -2014 PCM internships are also available this summer (May 29 - August 11). Oksana Bilous, our intern supervisor residing in Ostróda, Poland, would love to welcome you. Oksana writes, … Have you ever heard of an internship at Ostróda Camp? No?? Well, then it’s time for you to experience it! Being an intern at OC is more than getting school credit or going sightseeing. It is learning more about God, developing a special relationship with Him, serving people in need, and spreading the good news. Interns at OC are involved in different activities such as sports, teaching, translation, games, art and crafts, worship, cleaning, etc. Besides this, they get to explore Polish culture, make new friends, and learn how to work as a team. If you are brave, like adventure, are seeking God’s kingdom, and you want to make a difference in someone’s life, we welcome you to join our team for an internship at Ostróda Camp. Pray and see what God will do! Oksana Bilous The Festival of Hope is June 14-15 at Pepsi Arena in Warsaw, Poland. PCM welcomes you to join us for this event. There are openings available to participate in PCM’s short-term trip June 12-26. This trip begins in Warsaw with the Festival and then heads to Ostróda, Poland, to assist with a Russian children’s camp. Festival of Hope
  3. 3. During spring break, teams of Taylor students are sent out to serve in various nations throughout the world. This spring (March 22-30) PCM and Taylor University will partner together to bring a team of twelve students and two adult leaders to serve the people of Sandomierz, Poland. Adam Byra, the pastor in Sandomierz, is helping to coordinate this project. The students have been invited to participate in English classes at the high school and to assist students in preparing for the “Matura” exams (used in college placement). The team will also take part in three evening outreach events in neighboring cities. Please pray that significant relationships will be developed and that the churches in the region of Sandomierz will grow as a result of this joint effort. New Church Plants at Siedlce and Działdowo Pastor Tytus Pikalski and his wife, Jola, moved to Siedlce this past November to begin the work of establishing a new church. It is their third time to venture forth as pioneers to a new city with no evangelical presence. The churches they have helped establish in Grudziądz and Radom stand today as healthy, growing congregations. Marek and Patrycja Lipowski are continuing the work of ministry in Radom. Tytus and Jola are currently meeting with four other couples in Siedlce for Bible study, prayer, and worship. Tytus reports, “We are healthy and full of enthusiasm for the Lord!” The church in Lidzbark Welski has sent one of their Timothy’s to lead a new work in Działdowo. Arek and Asia Kotlewski have accepted the call to lead this mission station through preaching, teaching, and making disciples. They are meeting with a small group on Friday evenings and are seeking God’s direction on the most effective ways to share the Gospel in this new city. Top Supporting Churches for 2013Top Supporting Churches for 2013 16. Central CC, Ocala, FL 17. C/C, St Joseph, IL 18. First CC, Owosso, MI 19. Christ’s Church, Severn, MD 20. Lebanon CC, Lebanon, IN 21. Rockville CC, Rockville, IN 22. Eastpointe CC, Blacklick, OH 23. Parkway C/C, Allentown, PA 24. Cumberland CC, Cumberland, IN 25. Kenai CC, Kenai, AK 26. First CC, Greenville, IL 27. Hickory Valley CC, Chattanooga, TN 28. Milford CC, Milford, IL 29. Fork CC, Kingsville, MD 30. North Liberty C/C, North Liberty, IN 1. Brighton CC, Brighton, MI 2. C/C at Manor Woods, Rockville, MD 3. Savannah CC, Savannah, GA 4. Fairmount CC, Mechanicsville, VA 5. Lighthouse CC, Oceanside, CA 6. Southport Heights CC, Indianapolis, IN 7. Lakeside CC, Lakeside Park, KY 8. Salem CC, Richmond, KY 9. Slavic Church of Christ, Baltimore, MD 10. Cy-Fair CC, Houston, TX 11. First CC, Junction City, KS 12. First CC, Kissimmee, FL 13. Traders Point CC, Indianapolis, IN 14. Islands CC, Savannah, GA 15. New Hope CC, Whitestown, IN Page 3Polska Herald Special Gifts In Memory of: Given by: Ruby Maggard Donald & Joyce Edwards Charles Steele Mark & Marla Steele John K. Jones, Sr. Betty Jones Ken & Dorothy Durbin Bruce & Janet Sprenger In Honor of: Given by: Paul and Dela Bajko John Bender Paul & Lisa Howey Wayne & Diana Murphy Tytus & Jola Pikalski, Marek & Patrycja Lipowski, Urszula & Andrzej Bajenski Arek & Asia Kotlewski, Działdowo Taylor University to Poland
  4. 4. from david’s desk PolishChristianMinistries 2410CreswellRoad,Suite103 BelAir,MD21015-6508 AddressServiceRequested NonProfitOrg. U.S.Postage PAID BelAir,MD21014 Permit#379 PRSRTSTD Polish Christian Ministries Polish Christian Ministries will assist Polish Christians in becoming healthy, growing, self-supporting, and reproducing congregations. Staff David A. Hatfield Executive Director C. Wayne Murphy Executive Director Emeritus Lois Harris Administrative Assistant Zofia Charis Administrative Assistant (Poland) Board of Directors *Loren D. Deckard, Joppa, MD *David A. Hatfield, Brighton, MI *Patrick D. Howard, Colorado Sprgs, CO *Paul J. Howey, Rockville, MD Adam J. Korenczuk, Baltimore, MD *Gregory W. Meyer, Indianapolis, IN *J. Ben Porter, Rockville, IN John J. Shelley, Kissimmee, FL David Smiley, Noblesville, IN Paula Styles, Brighton, MI Dennis Towles, Indianapolis, IN *Executive Committee To Contact Us: pcm@pcmusa.org dave.hatfield@sbcglobal.net Office Phone: 410-836-6102 Cell Phone: 810-923-0226 Website: www.pcmusa.org 60 years of partnering with Polish believers I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. Philippians 1:4-5 Twenty-three Polish churches have signed “Agreements of Understanding” with Polish Christian Ministries. These AOUs strengthen the resolve for Polish believers to grow healthy, self-sustaining and reproducing congregations. They express each church’s commitment to increase ministry accountability and become more financially responsible. The goal is to have more funds available to plant new churches in other Polish cities. I was thrilled to receive these messages from leaders of Polish churches expressing their willingness to take on more financial responsibility: Olsztyn: “Our financial situation has improved. It happened due to some changes we made after meeting with Andrzej Hara and also the increase in church attendance. Winter is mild so we can save on heating, too. Therefore we have made the decision to take up another portion of the pastor's salary. For now it will be $50.” Rybnik: “Thank you very much for your support both in prayer and finances. Please decrease PCM’s support by $50 a month. May this New Year bring God's blessing, peace, good health and joy.” Lidzbark Welski: “As a church we would like to begin supporting our pastor’s salary from our budget $100/month. Our desire is to redirect this additional $100 to support Arek and Asia in our mission station in Działdowo.” As the face of Poland is changing, so is the face of Polish churches. In November, six Polish churches committed to help the new church plant in Siedlce by providing financial resources for the first year. This is such an encouraging step! Polish churches are taking on responsibility to practically partner with one another. One of the strengths of PCM is the Board of Directors who volunteer their time, resources, and wisdom. Presently, there are ten Directors who are responsible for navigating the course of PCM’s partnership with Polish churches. They determine everything from personnel policy to financial budgets to strategic planning. Pray for a continuing successful transition as three PCM directors have resigned in the past six months. One of the directors who stepped down wrote this in his resignation letter. “It has been my privilege to serve on the PCM Board of Directors since 2007. My three trips to Poland were life impacting. The people associated with PCM I have met and worked with will always be near and dear to my heart. All in all, my involvement with PCM has blessed me beyond measure. My prayers for PCM will continue knowing God will bless this ministry... I look forward to reading about the fruit of all the labors of those who serve the Polish people in the name of Jesus Christ. Again thank you for the opportunity to serve and may God’s richest blessings flow in and through you.” Thank you to Judy Harris, Tom Anders and David Johnson who faithfully served as directors for a combined total of eighteen years.