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2013 esp christmas letter, page order use this one


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2013 esp christmas letter, page order use this one

  1. 1. A Christian Ministry Dedicated to Fighting Cults and the Occult Evangelist Ben Alexander - P.O. Box 307, Kennesaw, GA 30156-0307 - December 2013 First e-mail from Dr. Ed Skidmore Holiday Greetings Greetings to my dear friends in the precious name of Jesus. We at ESP Ministries wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to still serve Him at the age of 93. Although my ministry officially began in 1972, I first heard that Jesus was my Savior February 14th, 1965 and, within a few weeks, was giving my testimony on Skid Row in Los Angeles. Skid Row was certainly an interesting place to start sharing one’s testimony. Back in that day, you were required to pay the cost of everyone’s meal just for the privilege of preaching to those unfortunate enough to reside there! My how the time has flown! We are still receiving three to four hundred views every day on our “You Tube” videos. On the right is the latest baptism which came as a result of a lady contacting our mission. I am sharing with you two emails I received from the minister with whom we put her in touch. Recently you received a call from a girl named April who found you on the Internet and contacted you. You encouraged her to contact us at Castle Hills Christian Church in San Antonio. She did. My wife, Susan, myself, and an elder’s wife named Vickie Coles met with her last Friday. She wasn’t quite ready to make the leap then, but she came to our church Sunday and sat with Vickie. She came again today to the office while Vickie was there. I also had three other people providing prayer cover at their homes. April received Christ and renounced her demons as we delivered her in Jesus’ name from demon oppression. She is a Christian now and anxious to help others be set free from demonic oppression. We anticipate baptizing her Sunday. Thank you for directing her our way. God bless you. Keep up the wonderful work. --Ed Skidmore Second e-mail from Dr. Ed Skidmore April seems to love coming to church and is interacting with folks there very well. She was in Bible study class going through the Gospel of John today. She smiles so much more these days and seems to love everything about her church connection. We have spoken to her about her spiritual armor and have shared with her from 1st John 1:4. It is a blessing to have her as one of our newest baby Christians. --Ed Skidmore
  2. 2. Jane: destroyed by those she trusted Body and Soul Destroyers It is with a sad and heavy heart that I write the following. It all began about ten years ago. Miranda and I were on our way to one of our many mission trips overseas. Our normal route usually had us flying from the U.S. to Heathrow Airport in London and then, a few days later, on to our final destination in Europe or Asia. While in London on this particular trip, I had several speaking engagements in the area as well as a radio program scheduled. This schedule allowed for some time to visit Miranda’s childhood church. While there, we noticed a young woman sitting alone, praying. I went over to talk with her and told her that my wife, Miranda, worshipped there when she was a child. She replied that she had been praying to God for someone to help her relatives who were Spiritualists. I could hardly believe my ears! I had traveled over 3,000 miles over the Atlantic Ocean to warn others about the dangers of the occult -- Spiritualism -- and at that precise moment God was answering a young lady’s prayer by orchestrating my steps to be at that church on that particular day at that particular time in the middle of the afternoon! How far does one stretch coincidence? The Jane I met that day was a gentle, sweet soul. We stayed in contact for several years, mostly by mail, but eventually lost all trace of her whereabouts -- until recently. Through a series of events, we were able to reconnect with her through Michael Bent, one of our missionaries in London. She began writing to us again and, to our dismay, we discovered that she had been brainwashed by a deliverance ministry (see note) that she had gone to for help. This “ministry” convinced her that she was demon-possessed. Just as bad, she has been diagnosed as schizophrenic and has been sectioned (see note). Below is Deliverance Ministry: an e-mail Michael recently sent: ons or other spiritual entities from The religious practice of evicting dem believed to be possessed. a person tment for ed across the UK as a method of trea Fact: Exorcisms are being perform a. . . . some comase, epilepsy, and schizophreni mental illnesses such as bi-polar dise le to be possessed than mentally ill. munities are finding it more acceptab e people are verance ministry, in my opinion thes Ben’s Refute: With reference to deli this may be osedly casting a demon from (and dangerous. The person they are supp may believe hosis; that is an illness. This person a Christian) may suffer from psyc are not may hear voices or see things which something which is not true, nor he ts spend e between fantasy or reality. Exorcis there. Some cannot tell the differenc not even be there. hours casting out demons that may e been on possession. Many Christians hav There is a danger in assuming dem ousy, a hasty of lust, spirit of anger, spirit of jeal told they have a spirit of lies, spirit . THEY to have those demons cast out of them spirit, or a haughty spirit, and need attitude or an SINS. The word “spirit” can mean ARE NOT DEMONS; THEY ARE inth “broken spirit.” Paul came to Cor spoke of a a disposition. For example, David “meek and of a a gentle meek spirit.” Peter speaks “not with a rod but with love and quiet spirit.” individual these sins to be demons is that the A serious danger in considering all repentance is ons and feel that the necessity for may feel no responsibility for his acti removed. e attitudes. nt of these things and to put off thos Actually the Bible calls men to repe it is between between the Holy Spirit and demons; The great conflict within us is not out demons flesh. Exorcists spend hours casting the indwelling Holy Spirit and the BEGONE, and said a “word” (Matthew 8:26, 32): that may not even be there. Jesus the deliverance was instantaneous. 2) teach ver a soul from bondage: 1) prayer, I believe there are four steps to deli ess of your nt and be baptized for the forgiven the Gospel, 3) agape love, and 4) repe the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38). sins and you shall receive the gift of oduce but with evangelism. We are to intr We do not fight Satan with exorcism . host ady triumphed over Satan and his people to the Saviour who has alre the deliverer nce, but to mes of delivera We are to introduce people not to sche Himself -- Jesus! Dear Brother Ben, Like I was explaining to you in our telephone conversation, Jane’s situation is not as straight forward as we would’ve liked it to be. She has been experiencing some pretty tough times for a while, but Being Sectioned : (In England and Wales) -- Being ad mitted to a hospital whet her or not you ag ree to it. The legal author ity for your adm ission to the hospital com es from the Menta l Health Act rather than fro m your consent. This is usually because you are unable or unwilling to consent. Fact: A better, m ore clearly defin ed term would be “detaine d unwillingly.” The main reason for a person to be “sectioned” is due to the belief that th ere is a mental health pr oblem. Dependin g upon the circumstance s, the need for se ctioning can be determin ed by a family do ctor, family member, police officer, or psychi atrist -anyone who claim s to be concerne d about a person’s mental health. Sectioning can la st from one mon th to several months and can be reasse ssed and renewed regularly . A person in such a situation can not on ly be forced to go to the hospital, he or sh e can also be forc ed to take the medication pr escribed.
  3. 3. chose not to share them up until recently. The schizophrenia diagnoses and sectioning she mentioned in her letter to you started about two years ago when she was homeless and wandered into one of the London hospitals (Charing Cross Hospital) one night looking for shelter from the cold. She was wearing a hooded jacket with the hood up when she was approached by a member of staff who persuaded her to have a check-up. They asked her a number of questions like, “Do you believe there is a devil?” She answered, “Yes.” They also asked her if she was hearing voices. Her answer to these questions formed part of their diagnoses and played a vital part in their final decision that she is schizophrenic. They kept her in the hospital, prescribed and made her take pills that are normally given to aggressive schizophrenic patients to keep them calm. I will admit that I have not known Jane for a long time, but from what I’ve seen and heard since we met, she does not show any sign of aggression, violent behaviour or incoherency. The Jane I know is quiet, soft spoken, gentle and intelligent. The hospital, working with the local council, gave Jane a Bread & Breakfast to stay in. They initially released her with a supply of pills to be taken daily. She refused to take these pills and, when they found out she wasn’t taking them, they took her in and sectioned her. Since then they are giving her an injection of Pipotiazine palmitate (see note) once a month. She is also assigned a care worker and a social worker. She has very little privacy. This, in her words, made her feel vulnerable and down all the time. It is important to note that the weight of the medical professionals’ argument for schizophrenia is Jane’s religious belief. The sad reality is, the United Kingdom has drifted so far from God and is continuing to drift. It’s frighting, to say the least. In recent times, we had cases of Christian nurses who either got suspended or lost their jobs because they prayed for or offered to pray for patients or mentioned Jesus to their patients. Pipotiazine palmitate: of a chemical in the brain which is A medication that blocks the effect and behaviour. It can help to treat the thought to affect thinking, feelings r psychoses. Pipotiazine palmitate has symptoms of schizophrenia or othe is only given once every four weeks. It a long-lasting effect so it is usually s over lar treatment for their symptom usually given when people need regu a long period of time. a medicine is different. It is diffiSide-effects: Everyone’s reaction to will have from taking a particular cult to predict which side-effects you nt e any side-effects at all. The importa medicine, or whether you will hav if you are having problems rmacist thing is to tell your prescriber or pha cts is unknown. icine. The frequency of these side-effe with your med or sitting up • a drop in blood pressure on standing lems controlling muscle movement movements or prob • abnormal muscle • blocked nose you - seek immediate medical advice if • blood and bone marrow problems of infection develop a fever or any other signs st enlargement in men • brea • cardiac arrest • difficulty sleeping • dry mouth • ECG changes • extrapyramidal side effects • eye or eyesight problems • feeling agitated • feeling drowsy still • feeling restless and inability to sit rhoea • galactor • glucose intolerance this can be fatal • heart and circulation problems • impotence le with diabetes may need to monitor • increased blood sugar levels - peop their blood sugar levels you develop jaundice • jaundice - seek medical advice if • liver problems • lowered blood pressure • menstrual problems • metabolic problems you - seek immediate medical advice if • neuroleptic malignant syndrome sness or muscle stiffness get a fever, changes in consciou • Parkinson’s-like symptoms should avoid exposing your skin to • photosensitivity skin reaction - you Pipotiazine palmitate direct sunlight while you are having • skin colour changes • skin rash or rashes ne occur after treatment with Pipotiazi • tardive dyskinesia - this may also palmitate has stopped thrombosis or pulmonary embolism • thromboembolism such as deep vein • tremors • weight gain when this medicine is stopped • withdrawal symptoms can occur sea, vomiting, sweating, difficulty abruptly. These include nau to sit still, abnormal muscle sleeping, feeling restless, an inability ement y controlling mov movement or difficult Please pray for our dear friend, Jane. Her situation is so horrible. In the UK, doctors have the power to force you to take their medication. If you refuse, they can section you -- forcibly detain you against your will in an enclosed type of prison. I know it sounds unbelievable, but those are the hard, cold facts. The drug they are injecting Jane with, Pipotiazine Palmitate, is not permitted to be used in America. When we last spoke with Jane a few weeks ago, she complained that, since she has been taking the drug, she feels vulnerable and has no energy and is listless. This is not surprising since the list of side effects is long and devastating. This young lady is a gentle, sweet soul, but has been naive and mercilessly taken advantage of. She has been robbed and brain washed and told she is demon possessed. Just by hearing her voice, we can tell this is not the same Jane we knew years ago. The doctors and the deliverance ministry have slowly destroyed her. we seek your heart-felt prayers for Jane
  4. 4. Website feedback Hi, Ben, I was wondering if you could shed some light on my experience whilst praying a few nights ago? My wife and I are part of Sam Soleyn’s Ministry. We reside in Durban, South Africa. For a time now we have had our doubts about his teachings and about our “Spiritual Father” here in Durban. In my confusion, I started praying and instantly the words “Ben Alexander” flooded my thoughts. At first I dismissed what I was “hearing.” I have never heard of any individual by the name of Ben Alexander before. Trying to fall asleep, the words “Ben Alexander” kept filling my mind. After a while I was a little fed up and wide awake, so I decided to google the name. A few names popped up on Google which had absolutely no meaning to me -- until I saw the link to your website. I found your website very interesting and was wondering if God is trying to show me something via you and your teachings. If you have any idea as to what this could pertain to, please would you let me know? Many thanks, Geoff ---------- Ben’s response ---------Dear Geoff, Thank you for your email. I have no idea why my name came to your mind. God guides my footsteps and I pray He guided your footsteps to my website. (I believe He did.) I had difficulty in understannding the philosophy of your minister, Sam Soleyn. So, I will not make a judgment. However, I would like to make a suggestion. I am very fortunate because I have a down-to-earth minister who I am sure you would enjoy. I have traveled across three continents that involved evangelizing in 17 countries and 48 states here in the USA. At age 93 (almost), I only speak local here in Georgia. I am telling you this because I want you to know what I now do. I introduce people who write to me to a church in their area. In your case, however, since I haven’t been to South Africa, I can introduce you to my minister by DVD. Sincerely, Ben Alexander The Ghostbusters When I was speaking at the James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, a lady handed me an address and asked if I would write to her brother-in-law. She explained that he was heavily involved in Spiritualism. She also gave me the book, “The History of Ghosts,” written by his father, Peter Aykroyd. This book detailed how several generations of this family, dating back over 100 years, had been involved in Spiritualism. Her brother-in-law was Dan Aykroyd, the movie star in the blockbuster film “The Ghostbusters.” I wrote to him, but never received a reply. In Chapter 5, on page 182, Peter Aykroyd writes, “From Séance to Screen.” They took a demonic fact and made it into a successful movie. On page 183, Dan Aykroyd wrote, “Whether they were believers or skeptics or somewhere in between, those who have experienced psychic phenomena have been entertained, frightened, amused, touched, or moved. This is perfect for a movie. It is scary, funny entertainment; the book is filled with all types of phenomena. It is entertaining.” The sad fact is, according to the Bible, they were “entertaining demons unawares.” YouTube Ministry Statistics 1. 319,677 views as of October 15 2. 314,501 total minutes watched as of September 1, 2012 (the earliest date minutes were tracked) 3. 6,167 comments made 4. We have had as many as 753 subscribers to the ESP channel and currently have 547 subscribers 5. The most popular video is the video on Speaking in Tongues with 44,588 views 6. The next most popular video is the first video on Yoga with 40,416 views 7. The third most popular video is the video on Marijuana with 27,715 views 8. The fourth most popular video is the video on the Ouija Board with 21,833 views 9. The balance of the total views is distributed across 96 other videos 10. 65.6% male viewers; 34.4% female viewers 11. The largest age segment is the 45-54 year olds, followed by the 55-64 age bracket, then the 35-44 age bracket ESP Ministries Continues to Grow As you can tell from the previous statistics, ESP Ministries has gone viral in a big way, reaching 300-400 people daily -- 90% of whom are unsaved. Recently Ben completed 4 new DVDs that are being offered complimentary to churches who request them. Ben will turn 93 this December 25th. Although he has been forced to limit his travel and speaking engagements, he ministers to dozens of people daily through e-mails and phone conversations. As long as people continue to be caught in Satan’s web of lies, Ben will continue to be a voice speaking God’s truth in love. Your support is critical in order to continue this life-saving, life-changing ministry!