2012 pcm issue 2


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Polska Herald 2012 Issue 2

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2012 pcm issue 2

  1. 1. The Polska Herald Issue Two 2012 Our Mission: Polish Christian Ministries will assist Polish Christians in becoming healthy, growing, self-supporting, and reproducing congregations. WE WELCOME THE HATFIELDS David & Sandy Hatfield Following a national and international search for the next Executive Director of Polish Christian Ministries, seeking the Lord’s guidance in every step of the process, and a series of interviews by a Personnel Panel, the Executive Committee, and Board of Directors, the call was extended to David A. Hatfield to be the next Executive Director. We praise God for leading us through this entire process!Polish Christian Ministries 2410 Creswell Road Bel Air MD 21015 pcm@pcmusa.org www.pcmusa.org
  2. 2. Executive Director-elect David Hatfield Polish Christian Ministries is proud to have a person of thecaliber of David Hatfield to serve as its next ExecutiveDirector. In its 58 year history David will only be the thirdperson to fill this position. David joined PCM’s staff on September 1st. The plan is heand Wayne Murphy will work side-by-side over the next sixmonths in preparation for David to assume the role ofExecutive Director on March 1, 2013. Read David’s thoughtsas he shared them with us recently: It is with thanksgiving and excitement that I accept theposition of Executive Director-elect for Polish ChristianMinistries on September 1, 2012. Sandy and I traveled toPoland for the first time in 1996 and God has been growingour hearts for the people and the culture ever since. Poland is in need of the saving power of Jesus Christ. It is a critical hour. Since joining theEuropean Union in 2004, Poland is becoming more of a leader governmentally and economically.While post modernism is in its sights so it revival. The doors are open for the hope of the Gospel topenetrate this culture NOW. PCM has established churches that are strategically located throughout the whole nation ofPoland. Let’s seize this moment in time and do all we can to strengthen the existing churches andplant new ones. Let’s look closely at the current situation and, together with our Polish friends,determine how PCM can best assist in establishing vibrant, healthy, disciple-producing churches. As we connect North American churches with churches in Poland, may we offer not onlyfinancial assistance, but strive to build relationships, e.g., mentoring pastors, training leaders, sending short-term teams, and raising up interns to assist in local ministry. As Executive Director-elect, I have a lot to learn, but it is my heart’s desire to go forward in this vision so that all of God’s Kingdom purposes for Poland will be accomplished. Pray for David as he begins a new chapter of ministry in his life. Pray for a smooth transition as Wayne and David work together for the future of Polish Christian Ministries and for the glory of God! Together, let’s expand Christ’s Kingdom in Poland! David with a camper at Ostroda Camp 2
  3. 3. A Brief Biography of David A. Hatfield David and Sandy have beenmarried for 35 years. They havethree children: Kezia is a counselorwith Exodus Cry (anti-humantrafficking outreach). Josiahrecently began a position atMessiah College (PA) in theirResidence Life Department. Kenanis a student at Grand Valley State inMichigan and is a communicationsmajor. Education: B.A. degree in preachingministry from Lincoln ChristianCollege M.A. degree in Old David & Sandy in GdanskTestament from Lincoln Christian Seminary M.M degree in church growth from Cincinnati Bible Seminary. Also received a D.Min. in Theology from Wagner Leadership School David served at Taylorville Christian Church, Taylorville, IL, Central Christian Church, Mt.Vernon, IL, East 38th Street Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN and from 1989 to 2007 atBrighton Christian Church, Brighton, MI. For the past five years he served with Global MissionaryMinistries (now known as Impact Europe). During that time he was involved in raising funds,church visitations, along with preparing teams for mission trips. His hobbies include biking,running, hiking, and officiating for high school soccer. Sandy is an accomplished pianist and really enjoys her music. She is in great demand to playfor recitals. She also enjoys singing. Thank You and Welcome! Thank you to Tom Special Gifts Underwood for serving five years on our Board of Directors with In Memory of: Given by: three years on the Executive Charles Steele Mark & Marla Steele Committee. Tom serves as Charles Steele Mark & Marla Steele Cashinin Krolicki Forks of Johns Creek CC VBS Senior Minister of Capital City Cashinin Krolicki Dale King Christian Ruby Maggard Donald & Joyce Edwards Church, Tallahassee, FL In Honor of: Given by: We welcome John Shelley Paul & Dela Bajko John Bender as a new Director. John is a Paul & Dela Bajko John Bender Deacon at First Christian Church of Kissimmee, FL, and serves on the missions team. 3
  4. 4. From the Executive Director “In running a relay race, the key to winning is in the transition.” It doesn’t matter how long the race is, the runners are going to run their best. But, it is in a short distance the hand-off of the baton determines Polish Christian the success. Ministries Ever since I announced my plans for retirement, I have been Staff thinking about the transition that would take place. Now it’s time C. Wayne Murphy to put those thoughts into action. I asked God to lead us each Executive Director step of the way, from the selection of my successor through the David A. Hatfield Executive Director-elect day I hand over the baton of leadership of Polish Christian Lois Harris Ministries. I am confident He led us to the right person, David Administrative Assistant Zofia Charis Hatfield. I have no doubt He will continue leading us through this Administrative Assistant (Poland) period of transition. Please pray for David and me as we work together over these next six Board of Directors Thomas Anders, Saint Joseph, IL months and beyond. Paul A. Davis, Savannah, GA Loren D. Deckard, Joppa, MD What’s next for Wayne? The *Judy J. Harris, Crestview Hills, KY plan is for me to serve as*Patrick D. Howard, Havre de Grace, MD *Paul J. Howey, Rockville, MD Ambassador for PCM. *David S. Johnson, South Windsor, CT Adam J. Korenczuk, Baltimore, MD Gregory W. Meyer, Indianapolis, IN *C. Wayne Murphy, Edgewood, MD John J. Shelley, Kissimmee, FL *Executive Committee To Contact Us: pcm@pcmusa.org We look forward to seeing many of you at the Eastern Christian Conference in Phone: 410-836-6102 Come visit the Murphys and the Hershey, PA on November 9-11, 2012. Fax: 410-836-6103 Hatfields at the PCM Booth # 635 & Website: www.pcmusa.org #734 at the International Conference on Missions (Formerly National Missionary Convention). PRSRT STD Permit #379 Address Service Requested Bel Air, MD 21014 PAID Bel Air, MD 21015-6508 U.S. Postage 2410 Creswell Road, Suite 103 Non Profit Org. 4 Polish Christian Ministries