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There is an i in team


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Slides from a workshop on self-discovery, finding the inner guiding principle, connecting with the body, the cycle of dynamic relationships.

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There is an i in team

  1. 1. There IS an ‘I’ in Team
  2. 2. Story of the Golden Buddha Video clip from the film Finding Joe
  3. 3. Finding the gold! • Daemon • Genius • Soul • Acorn within • Dance & Sing to the Music
  4. 4. Music and Life From the recordings of Alan Watts
  5. 5. Know thyself - Socrates
  6. 6. We see ourselves in the mirror of relationships - J Krishnamurti
  7. 7. When we look at others we see the projection of our own shadows - Carl Jung
  8. 8. The Tiger among the Sheep Video clip from the film Finding Joe
  9. 9. King Duke Duke Duke Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord
  10. 10. God
  11. 11. Humans
  12. 12. Assimilation Video clip from Star Trek the Next Generation
  13. 13. Another way of seeing ourselves
  14. 14. Ubuntu Ubuntu – an African way of seeing humanity. “I am because we are” Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Ubuntu
  15. 15. What is emerging?
  16. 16. Talent Dynamics
  17. 17. Relationships are Dynamic! Disconnection Reconnection Connection
  18. 18. Discover the Other – Discover Yourself Coaching Talent Dynamics Performance leadership Conflict training Connection Retreats Mentoring: Ongoing 1-to-1 support on the journey.