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DMAI 2014 Strategic Plan


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Published in: Business, Education
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DMAI 2014 Strategic Plan

  1. 1. DMAI Decision-Making, Analytics & Intelligence 2014 Strategic Plan
  2. 2. Analytics Outlook • BPAP and some of the big analytics companies like IBM and HP are moving quickly to infuse more analytics focused content into the higher education system. • The demand for analysts still far outweighs supply and the talent gap will quicken throughout the year. • More companies are looking to the Philippines as place to start up analytics teams. • The biggest demand is for Fresh Grads and Undergrads who have the critical thinking skills and decision making confidence needed for analytics. • The SMEs (small and medium sized entrepreneurs) are starting to see the need for analysts but don’t have access to the talent available.
  3. 3. DMAI Strategic Plan Media & Public Speaking Speaking Fees, Book Sales, Online Content Revenue Executive Coaching and Management Training Fees Outsourcing Projects from Overseas Domestic Outsourcing and Long Term Business Strategy Projects Sourcing, Training, Placing and Leveraging Analytics Talent Per Seat or Per Project Monthly Revenue Training Fees and Placement Fees
  4. 4. DMAI Strategic Plan Team Roster by Q1 2014 Management Team (6) President, Marketing and Strategy Domestic Operations Manager International Operations Manager HR Manager Senior Analyst Executive Assistant DMAI Project Team (8) Project Manager Business Analyst Systems Analyst Recruitment Analyst Project Assistant Analytics Trainee 1 Analytics Trainee 2 Analytics Trainee 3 Funded 100% by Outsourcing Clients Data Analyst Team (5) Analytics Project Manager Data Analyst Lead Data Analyst 1 Data Analyst 2 Data Analyst 3 Social Media Team (12) Social Media Analyst Supervisor Social Media Analyst 1 Social Social Media Analyst 3 Social Social Media Analyst 5 Social Social Media Analyst 7 Social Graphics Design Analyst Customer Service Rep 1 Customer Service Rep 2 Media Media Media Media Analyst Analyst Analyst Analyst These titles reflect job functions, but initially individuals will have multiple functions 2 4 6 8
  5. 5. Sourcing, Training, Placing and Leveraging Analytics Talent • We trained about 75 fresh grads and helped most of them find analyst jobs. • We trained about 100 BPO professionals to use more analytics in their business. • We spoke at a dozen schools about analytics and the opportunity for analyst careers. • We will be conducting 3-4 training in Q1 2014 and plan to conduct an average of 1 a month for the rest of the year. • We will focus on decision-making for business leaders, recruitment analytics and fresh grad training. • We will partner with companies who can place our talent as well as keep the best for ourselves.
  6. 6. Domestic Outsourcing and Long Term Business Strategy Projects • We have completed about a dozen analytics, business strategy and marketing projects for Filipinos SMEs. • We have run social media campaigns, completed market research projects and conducted outsourcing assessments. • We have bid on a number of projects ranging from a few days to six months of analytics heavy work. • We will continue to bid for more projects and send out more business proposals. • There is enough strategy, marketing and analytics work out there for us among BPOs and SMEs to fund a team of analysts and support staff. • We will specialize in bringing analytics and data-driven decision making into our clients businesses.
  7. 7. Outsourcing Projects from Overseas • We currently have three US companies and one Indian company that we are doing analytics work for. • We specialize in social media content management, market research and basic data analysis and reporting. • We get new requests and inquiries on a weekly basis which reflects the need for a lower priced analytics solution. • We will continue to expand our current relationships. We have 12 analysts now and have plans to have as many as 20 by Jan 2014. • We will continue to receive ad hoc projects and will use a combination of our trainees and contracted workers to meet incoming demand. • We have several new client opportunities in the works.
  8. 8. Executive Coaching and Management Training We have done analytics training for a number of HR and Recruitment Teams, Training Teams and BPO Management Teams. See some of the companies we have worked with. • We have several pending discussions with various BPOs and Call Centers about brining our training into their training programs. • We will continue to offer our analytics solutions to business owners, managers and decision-makers to pick and choose when want to take on more management training and executive coaching.
  9. 9. Media & Public Speaking • We have made over a dozen media appearances on TV, radio and the internet. • We have spoken at several colleges and universities about BPO and Analytics careers. • We have been a featured speaker or panelist at several BPO and Analytics professional events. • We are already booked for several training events in the coming months. • We will continue to look for new media events, new professional presenting opportunities and new ways to get in front of students. • We will also continue our social media campaign and publish ebooks and social media content.
  10. 10. Blended Staff (Office or Virtual) • We currently have an all virtual staff of 12. • We also have 4 spots reserved in an office on Shaw Blvd. • We plan to fill some of the current staff and hire new staff to fill the 4 seats by the end of December. • We have a goal of having a 60/40 home/office staff ratio. • We will be looking to add more staff in 2014 for all of our accounts. • We plan on recruiting a high percentage of these new hires from the Visayans Islands to diversify away from having all the staff in Metro Manila. • We have a long term plan of securing a physical location where we can do our own training and house a small team.
  11. 11. DMAI Strategic Plan Revenue Streams Management Team Fees from training and consulting with pricing as follows  Public Trainings = 3500 PHP a head  Daily Consulting Rate = 10000 PHP a day  Consulting and Training Package = 50000 PHP a day  One Day Training Package = 50000 PHP a day  Speaking Engagement = Minimum of 5000 PHP Data Analyst Team Between $1000 and $2000 a head per seat Expected salary is around 30-35K PHP Social Media Team Between $500 and $1000 a head per seat DMAI Project Team Project based, with typical project priced at $250-$1000 Expected salary is 10K-20K PHP Expected Salary 15K PHP Amounts provided are just placeholder and may be significantly different from actual amounts.