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Stop Building Links, Start Earning Them


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Published in: Technology
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Stop Building Links, Start Earning Them

  1. 1. Stop Building Links, Start Earning ThemTheo van der Zee – JAB13 – 02/JUN/2013
  2. 2. What were you doing onFebruary 23th 2011 or April 24th 2012?
  3. 3. Google’s goal is toput the user first
  4. 4. Less ads that arebeing displayedmeans less profitsfor Google
  5. 5. Show relevant results on thescreen as fast as possible
  6. 6. Matt Cutts: 500+ updates per yearare made to the algorithm
  7. 7. The algorithm determines the orderin which pages are shown
  8. 8. Early in 2012 several modificationrelated to anchor text were made
  9. 9. The Google Panda update is one ofthe most notorious updates
  10. 10. At first theGoogle Panda updatewas known as theFarmer Update
  11. 11. Google asked large groups of usersto check out and rate websites
  12. 12. Too many adson your websiteis a sign oflow quality
  13. 13. What is the average time that a visitor spendson a given website?
  14. 14. Google can now determine the amount of badcharacteristics that a website has
  15. 15. The Penguin update hasshaken up the SEO-world
  16. 16. Removing pages that violate theGoogle webmaster guidelines
  17. 17. Remove sites that areunfairly present onhigh positions in thesearch results.
  18. 18. The link profile is an important factor in howGoogle Penguin judges websites
  19. 19. How does the link profile of atrustworthy website look like?
  20. 20. Not everyonecan link toanother websiteon the internet
  21. 21. With the rise of social media,many more can cast a ‘vote’
  22. 22. Google only has limited accessto the data on Twitter
  23. 23. Even less accessto the enormousamount of data thatFacebook has
  24. 24. Data from Google+ is already being integratedinto the algorithm
  25. 25. Why did we start hoarding links fromother websites in the first place?
  26. 26. In the near future, links will remain an importantfactor of the equation
  27. 27. Sending outlarge amounts of emailwith the requestof a link to your site
  28. 28. Of course you can always simplypay some money for links
  29. 29. Adding websites to directories was a populartactic to get new links
  30. 30. Publishing articles on otherwebsites will get you links as well
  31. 31. Let’s not forget about the links from forums,blogs and guestbooks
  32. 32. A largesocial networkcreates opportunitiesand new insights
  33. 33. Hang out with influential people and dothis in a strategic and respectable way
  34. 34. Use commenting on blogsas the start of a conversation
  35. 35. Use your blogs to build a bridge between yourproducts and search queries
  36. 36. By visiting conference you mightmeet some influential people
  37. 37. By following people on Twitter,you know what is hot in your niche
  38. 38. Visiting Question and Answerwebsites is also an effective method
  39. 39. Create authoritative content andpeople will promote it for you
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