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Improve Mental Health - Learn How to Manage Stress


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Good mental health is about feeling good about yourself and your life. Good mental health is important because it means you are more likely to have a happier life, be healthier, live longer, be able to work, and have good relationships.

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Improve Mental Health - Learn How to Manage Stress

  1. 1. Improve Mental Health - Learn How to Manage Stress Maintaining good health can be quite a challenge. There are so many health hazards in the environment, and the pace of life has made it difficult to choose healthy options, but there is some good news in this regard. An increasing number of people are realizing the importance of good health and making an effort to achieve it. At the same time, however, many of us are leading quite stressful lives, and that stress often causes people to become sick. It is known that stress has many negative effects on a human’s mental health, which is precisely why it is important to learn how to de-stress oneself every now and then to maintain good mental health. A thought-provoking and rather fascinating piece of research showed that a major percentage of heart attacks take place around 9 am on Mondays. This suggests that heart attacks may have a relationship with individuals who do not like their work or are not particularly motivated to work. It could also be because of the stressful environment and the pressure of the tasks at their workplaces. Jobs often become a source of great stress for many people. Thus, it is important to have strategies for managing stress - not only to perform better at the workplace but also to maintain mental health. One of the first steps to limit stress at the workplace is to select a career that you will truly enjoy. While there is no denying the fact that this can be a challenging task, it is a form of
  2. 2. preventive medicine when it comes to your mental health. There is little that can compare with the enjoyment that comes from getting paid do something you like to do. Moreover, at times we may focus on the wrong things about our job, and that cause stress. Therefore, one effective way to maintain good mental health at the workplace is to focus on aspects of the job that allow us to feel good or excited. Changing the mental focus from a negative aspect to a positive one can make a huge difference. As simple as it may seem, taking time out to take deep relaxing breaths can help in reducing stress at a workplace. So whenever you feel stress building up while at your job, just take a few minutes to take 6 to 9 slow deep breaths and that will interrupt the cycle of stress. It is also very important to de-stress at the end of each work day, or you will carry today’s pressure with you when you go to work tomorrow. When you get done with your work, do something that you particularly enjoy doing; for instance, watch a movie, read a book, and take a walk or hangout with friends and family. One of the healthiest and most effective ways to maintain good health, both mental and physical, is regular exercise. Therefore, make sure to add some physical activity into your lifestyle because an active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Aerobic and cardio exercises are particularly great ways to de-stress and also remain healthy physically. Follow these various de-stressing techniques to maintain good mental health. Good health leads to a good life. For more details visit our website: