kalpana malla the medical post pediatrics powerpoint download children treatment causes investigations clinical features cvs presentation pathology prognosis types evaluation seizures uploading and downloading residency weaning from ventilator bipap basics of mechanical ventilation cheat book ventilator practicals history taking final mbbs medicine surgery exams history pain management drugs used to relieve pain who pain ladder muscular dystrophy signs symptoms duchenne becker iron deficiency anemia aplastic anemia complications bleeding disorders in children bleeding disorders hereditary spherocytosis g6pd deficiency hemolytic anemia diagnosis hemophilia councelling blood general concepts anemia introduction to hematology sickle cell anemia thalassemia floppy infant syndrome book ecg shortcut shortcut to ecg pdf free electrocardiogram american academy of pediatrics neonatal seizures management emergency resuscitation of a newborn resuscitation warm chain apnea kangaroo mother care apnea in newborns hyperthermia hypothermia bleeding in newborns breast feeding proper method how to breast feed tips advantages of breast feeding care of a newborn hypoglycemia infant of a diabetic mother neonatal hypoglycemia cramers index neonatal jaundice nectrotizing enterocolitis neonatal sepsis screening neuroblastoma nephroblastoma sarnat and sarnat staging investiagations perinatal asphyxia iugr intrauterine growth retardation prematurity respiratory distress in newborn neonatal reflexes neonatology gestational age assessment macrocephaly microcephaly approach cns meningitis mental retardation mr ntd craniosynostosis nerual tube defects febrile seizures febrile convulsions epilepsy introduction causes of hematuria treatment of hematuria kidney renal system uti urinary tract infections murmurs coarctation of aorta vsd asd congenital heart diseases congestive cardiac failure ccf cyanotic heart diseases tetrology of fallot tof infective endocarditis patent ductus arteriosus heart disease pda anatomy embryology
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