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Virtual teams


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Virtual teams

  1. 1. Virtual Teams<br />
  2. 2. What Is A Virtual Team? (1/2)<br />2<br />Virtual<br />Existingorresulting in essenceoreffectthough not in actual fact, form or name.<br />Team<br />A numberofpeoplethatco-operate in such a waythattheyachievemorethanthe sum total of the individual’s efforts.<br />A group of people working together to achieve a common goal.<br />Working together apart.<br />
  3. 3. What Is A Virtual Team? (2/2)<br />3<br />Virtual Team<br /><ul><li> A collection of people physically separated by geography, location and/or time
  4. 4. A network of people who are able to work together and interact using advances in technology
  5. 5. Often temporary in nature, consisting of people with a range of skills and experiences who work in different locations to achieve a specific task in a set time period
  6. 6. Not always 100% virtual and may sometimes meet</li></li></ul><li>Team Leaders<br />4<br />What‘sthebiggerpicture?<br />Who arethestakeholders?<br />What will ‚success‘ looklike?<br />Whattimescalesareyouworkingtowards?<br />Whatresourcesareavailable?<br />Who‘savailabletojointheteam?<br />Whyhaveyoubeenchosenas a teamleader?<br />Whatexperience do youhaveofleadingothers?<br />What do youknowaboutleadership?<br />
  7. 7. Team Members<br />5<br />Whyhave I beenchosen?<br />Will I befull time in thisteamorexpectedto do itaspartofmyexistingjob(s)?<br />What‘s in itforme?<br />Towhom will I report?<br />How will I beappraisedandwho will do it?<br />Whataretheimplicationsformypay?<br />Whyshould I giveawaymyexpertisetoothers?<br />Whatifit all goeswrong?<br />How will wecommunicateandkeep in touch?<br />
  8. 8. Culture And Teams<br />6<br />Communication<br />styles<br />Approach tocompletetasks<br />Willingnesstodiscloseinformation/feeling<br />Visible<br />Response toconflict<br />Decisionmakingstyles<br />Beliefs<br />Values<br />Perceptions<br />Invisible<br />Expectations<br />Attitudes<br />Assumptions<br />
  9. 9. Making Technology Work ForYou<br />7<br />Telephone/Personal contact<br />Whitebord<br />Audio conferencing<br />Real-Time<br />Instant messaging/<br />Chat rooms<br />Video conferencing<br />Email<br />Discussionboard/Blogs<br />Web share<br />Asynchronous<br />File share<br />