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Using conventions of real media texts - prelim task


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Using conventions of real media texts - prelim task

  1. 1. Using conventions of real media texts: Prelim TaskLorna Holland
  2. 2. Prelim OFCMy prelim Existing schooltask OFC magazine OFCs
  3. 3. What conventions did I use? I used a font called “Segoe Script” because it looks as though it has been handwritten; reflecting the school context the magazine would be in. When I edited the image using Photoshop I made it brighter as during my research I discovered that cover images tend to be bright as this looks positive and appeals to the young target audience more. I ensured the colour scheme of the annotations added over the original photo is red, white and black which are our schools colours, therefore linking the school with the magazine. It also ties in as most of the magazines I have researched have a select limited colour palette in order to keep it simple yet official looking - I decided to do the same thing within my prelim. I made the schools logo and the masthead quite large and dominant compared to the rest of the image as I found that they are usually quite central and key to the image in existing texts; this is so readers can easily identify the magazine using either its name or the familiar icon of their school logo.
  4. 4. Prelim Contents Page My prelim Existing schooltask contents magazine contents page pages
  5. 5. What conventions did I use? Similarly to the other contents pages I’ve analysed, my contents page continues with the same housestyle (most noticably colour scheme and font) as is present in my OFC. This links the two pages together ensuring they look similar to each other so it is obvious that they belong to the same magazine. I have also used several images, and as you can see the existing contents pages also use a large amount of images to keep the reader interested through the graphology and they also portray a positive representation of the school. Another convention is that the images used on the contents pages normally include the logo of the school and photographs that either add to the article titles or are of the school in general. From my research I have found that this almost acts as an advertisement for the school, representing it in a positive light to both students and others reading the magazine.