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Using PR, Marketing and Social Media to grow your business


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Take a look at how marketing, PR and social media can improve your business!

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Using PR, Marketing and Social Media to grow your business

  1. 1. Marketing is not….An exercise is creating beautifully craftedworks of art (unless that will get you morebusiness). Marketing is not an intellectuallyattractive process for stimulating thesensory sensitivities of an artistic director. (Robert Craven)
  2. 2. Marketing is …All about communication withpotential/existing clients and getting themto buy from you rather than from yourcompetitors. Its getting them to buyprofitably. marketing = profitability (Robert Craven)
  3. 3. Marketing Director?1. Get more customers2. Get them to buy more3. Get them to buy more often4. Stop them leaving5. So position/budget/target
  4. 4. DemandingMore likelyto complain Discriminating The NewOnline Consumerusers Sceptical Less Experimental Loyal
  5. 5. If you want to sell as much as you possibly can and as often as youpossibly can, the formula is simple.Find out what your customers really want and sell it to them.• Make their lives easier.• Make their lives better.• Solve their problems.• Deliver their dreams to their doorsteps.And watch your company grow beyond belief. [Bob Serling]
  6. 6. • Customers know exactly what they get if they come to us! • Customers know why we are different from the rest. • We make everything simple/easy to understand for our customers & for ourselves.• Decision-making is easy because we are clear about what we are trying to do.
  7. 7. Branding is the messages that leak from you like radiactivity!• Think about what you want the business to achieve (vision).• What beliefs and standards will guide all of your actions (values).• What makes you different and special (key differentiators)• In what manner you are going to deliver them all (personality).
  8. 8. Your website should: Have a focus Demonstrate that focus Have the paraphernalia of an expert you have an effective website, Facebook page, LinkedIn or twitter account (where appropriate) Are known and know the right people Share views: you speak, blog and tweet Are recommended by the good and the wise You have testimonials and endorsements
  9. 9. Always connected – uses smartphone like a computer ConstantlyPower to change researching (trip to purchasing adviser/review cycle Social sites) customer Expect brands to They share what engage with they think them (social (Real networks/review time/feedback) sites)
  10. 10. PR is not advertising!• Raises awareness of your brand• PR is a long term strategy - Positions you in the market - Connects with your target market