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  1. 1. THE GIRL AND THE GOAT by Michael Piggott For Act 2/3 of IMPACT 50 A young girl goes in search of her prize goat, right before the wave hits. (Draft 1)
  2. 2. EXT. DESERT LANDSCAPE - DAY An endless vista of sand. In the distance are dune foothills and, just visible, a girl, a herd of goats and a village. CUT TO - - Goats bleating, running up the hill to the village. And, at the back of the herd, a girl, MAIHA, aged 13, tanned, intelligent, capable. Good at what she does, proud. EXT. VILLAGE - DAY A man, KUYANI, early 40s, village leader, hurries people towards nearby caves. He limps forward and scans the horizon, then smiles when MAIHA appears. She looks troubled. KUYANI Thank the stars. I was this close to coming out after you. MAIHA (arches her eyebrow) With your bad leg? She gives him a warm hug. It's clear they're close. KUYANI I know you're good with those goats but we must get to the caves. There's a chance we may survive. We have to try. MAIHA hands her herding stick to one of the village girls who starts taking the goats into the caves. MAIHA I know father. There's time. But... you won't like this. I'm missing Mato. He broke off. He can't be far... I have to go back. KUYANI (incredulous) Your goat?! You must be joking. MAIHA looks defiant, but there is love in her eyes. MAIHA He's my leader. He holds the hold herd together. I must find him. Most of the villagers have gone inside the caves. It's now just father and daughter alone. KUYANI sees there is little he can do to stop her going back. She lives for her herd. KUYANI I forbid it. You must come with me now. You're my daughter. MAIHA hugs him.
  3. 3. 2. MAIHA I know I am. And I always will be. But you know I can't. I won't be long, I promise. She turns and runs off over the ridge. KUYANI mutters under his breath and heads towards the caves then stops and leans on a fence, gasping. His eyes well up. He gets up and GRABS one of the last VILLAGERS left. KUYANI Once you're in, close it. If I'm not back in 20 minutes, seal it. The VILLAGER nods, scared, but understands. He runs off. KUYANI limps off over the ridge. EXT. DESERT FOOTHILLS - DAY The wind is picking up, swirling sand everywhere. MAIHA cannot see far. Then... BLEATING. She spies MATO, his leg trapped by a boulder. She rushes over. There's a deep fissure between the rocks. A wrong move could spell the end of them. She tries to move the rock but it won't budge. The wind gets stronger and dislodges another rock that tumbles down, SLAMMING into her leg. She CRIES out. MATO bleats encouragement. A tear runs down MAIHA'S cheek. EXT. DESERT RIDGE - CONTINUOUS KUYANI paces the ridge, unable to think or breathe over the wailing wind. Then... a faint CRY. He follows it. EXT. DESERT FOOTHILLS - MOMENTS LATER MAIHA reaches for a dry branch and attempts to lever MATO free but it breaks. She cries in frustration. Then... A shadow looms. KUYANI appears. He limps up and grabs the rock and heaves. It moves a little but not enough. EXT. DESERT LANDSCAPE - DAY A vast wall of sand and water ROAR across the desert. EXT. DESERT FOOTHILLS - MOMENTS LATER MAIHA hears it. Her and her father exchange a look. He leans over, hugs and shelters her and her goat as the wave hits.