How members of empower network earn money


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How members of empower network earn money

  1. 1. How Members of Empower Network Earn Money The Empower Network is just one of themany organizations that claim to help people earn money from home. Anyone can sign up to be a memberfor free. However, there are products, systems and video series to buy before you can smell the possible bigmonthly earnings. Here’s how the members of this network earn money.The common start of members is through the email newsletter. It is free of charge and one just has to givehis email address. You will then receive a welcome message and a brief explanation of how the systemworks.The member will then be offered lots of products but the Empower Network seems to focus on theblogging system. The system includes a ready WordPress site that’s already hosted. With ready, thenetwork means that they already have capture pages, sales videos and other things needed by a blogger toearn commissions. It can be customized later. Note that the Empower Network gives 100 percentcommission for every sale that will be made by others with the help of your blog. It is just one of the waysthe members earn through the network.A member can also sign up for the audio training. There are three audio files sent every week. They aredownloaded and can be played in computers, iPod, etc. The audio training helps the members learn moretechniques on blogging and marketing.Additionally, the audio files can be resold by the members. It is another way to earn money through thenetwork. The Empower Network also offers a DVD series. It was filmed by the founders in Costa Ricaeven before the network was put up. The 11-hour DVD series is perfect to those who want to know thesecrets to building a marketing machine and viral blogging. What the members learn from the DVD seriescan be used to improve their blog set up through the network’s blogging system and to get morecommissions by selling the network’s products.
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