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Direct selling boom


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Published in: Business, Education
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Direct selling boom

  1. 1. AUG 102012The Direct SellingBusiness BoomThe Direct Selling Business BoomIntellectual distribution becomes a financial opportunity when you benefit from the financial impact ofeducating the customer and sharing your personal experience and credibility.Paul Zane Pilzer has stied economics for over 3 decades and the best system he has ever seen is the directselling business. Also called one0to0ne marketing, network marketing, referral marketing, or relationshipmarketing, this home-based business model takes intellectual distribution to it’s pinnacle … creating wealthby helping others.Direct selling impresses me because it allows people to be in control. They choose the hours they work,where they work…how to increase their income …or not..With direct selling…the headaches of traditional business are gone…Direct selling has low start up costs, has no employees or insurance costs.The direct selling business model also utilizes technologies, such as the internet, which help make it easierthan ever to own a home business.Millionaires know the secret and power of residual income. Creating income every lifechanging….The number 1 question I get asked is HOW? What do I do first?Marketing is a skill that will pay you for a lifetime…. I mean every month…
  2. 2. Are You Ready To Learn It?Here’s exactly how to get your message in front of more people in more ways, so you can (instantly)…- Build More Trust- Have More Customers- Create Repeat SalesAnd you can do it by communicating to them in the way that they WANT to be sold to.The secrets of universal communication is in this video:Watch It NOW - Great videoGet In…Make a difference in your life Call me… everyone else does… 845.213.4337 OR Log In FREE for more infoI can help you get real results with my proven system…
  3. 3. Ethan The Marketing Pro Join Empower Network Here…it is only $25/month…not even the cost of your daily cofee…