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Chanel 2 news report


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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Chanel 2 news report

  1. 1. Chanel 2 News Report: HopeFor ZeekReward Refund LiesIn ReceiverWATCH VIDEO HERE:Lexington, NC — Faith has turned to frustration for people who trusted Zeek Rewards with their money.The Securities and Exchange Commission calls the Lexington-based penny auction site a $600 millionPonzi scheme. And almost a week after the site shut down, about one million people are wondering whathappened to their money.A federal judge has appointed a receiver to take control of Zeek Rewards’ assets. That receiver will parsethrough what’s left and try to get at least some money back to the people who invested in the site by buyingpenny bids. Most people understand the chances of getting all their money back are slim. But WFMY News2 has also heard from a few folks who recently sent the site a check to buy bids and want to stop paymenton that check before it’s cashed.
  2. 2. But that will be tricky, though. The site required people to send in their money through an official orcashier’s check. Those are as good as cash, and they clear much faster than a personal check. But aspokeswoman at Truliant Federal Credit Union says because that receiver is in place, any checks hechooses to process from any bank must be honored — and by law, payment can’t be stopped.Attorneys working on the case for the receiver said through email that they are “holding all cashier’schecks and the presumption is that they will be presented to the issuing banks.”The receiver can be reached online here, where updates on the case will also be posted.Courtesy of WFMY News 2 Any questions? Call or email me… Everyone else does… 845.213.4337 OR Log In FREE for more infoI can help you get real results with my proven system…
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