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Banners brokers breakdown video presentation


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Banners brokers breakdown video presentation

  1. 1. Banners Brokers BreakdownVideo PresentationBanners Brokers Breakdown Video PresentationI haven’t found a good Banners Brokers Breakdown anywhere on the net which didn’t go over the same oldpresentations as everyone else.No one seems to put it all together in one coherent fashion.Before I joined banners broker as an agent, I scoured the net for an explanation which would lay it all outproperly rather than have it split up between sites while not joining things up.After studying all the various videos and parts of the system, I still had many questions because no onegave it to me all-together in one blended manner.So after asking loads of questions and studying the intricacies of the system, I decided to construct myown banners broker breakdown. This is what you are reading now.At the end of each section, I will point you to the next page in the flow of understanding the system.Let’s start with the Banners Broker Overview Video.A few months ago (from the time of this writing), I came across a system which I thought was the bestsystem in the world.It made me a lot of money and it still does. I thought that there would be nothing to beat that, but I waswrong.When I came across the banners broker system, I compared the two and saw that I didn’t have to work withthis system. All it required was some initial start-up money.This concept of not working and yet earning money at the same time is very new to me, as everything Ihave done over the past 10 years online, always involved doing some type of work to gain an income.Although I have dabbled in the forex market, it still required work and it also involved living with losses.This is definitely not an ideal type of business.So when I learned that the Banners Brokers System didn’t require anyone to work and yet still makemoney for its agent, I had to check it out.
  2. 2. Fast forward to today and here I am writing this Banners Brokers overview.Banners Brokers sells advertising. Many companies go to banners broker for their advertising needs.Banners broker takes their order (and their money) and then places the advertisers banner ads on otherpeople’s websites (known as publishers).Banners broker already have agreements with thousands and thousands of websites (publishers) wherebythey can place advertisers ads on their sites. In return for using their site, they pay the publisher a cut fromthe money received from the advertiser.Banners broker has 3 areas of business.Anyone who is an advertiser can register with them on their site so they can buy advertising.Anyone who owns a website which receives a lot of visitors (known as traffic) can register with bannersbroker as a publisher. This will allow them to receive money from banners broker in exchange for allowingbanners broker to place banner ads on their sites.The third area of business is a unique system called the Ad-Pub Combo. This is what you and I areinterested in. This is what all agents are interested in. This is the area of business which will make usmoney.By signing up to the Ad-Pub Combo deal, you will become an agent for banners broker.When you become an agent for banners broker, you get the best of both worlds. 1. You get to advertise any site you want (could be your own) with banner advertising on other highly trafficked websites. 2. You get to act as a publisher and collect money from those that require advertising. You can do this without owning a single website.Imagine that! You can advertise your own business/website (with banners) and yet, at the same time, beearning money as a publisher when other people advertise.So, as an agent for banners broker, you pay a set amount for advertising. The amount you pay depends onthe amount of impressions (visitors or page views) you want for your banner ad.For example, I could buy a package of 4000 impressions for $40. This will load my banner ad (advertisingmy personal or business website) 4000 times on someone else’ website. Of course, the more times it loads,the more chance of people seeing your banner and then clicking on it to arrive at your website. Then,hopefully, they will buy whatever it is you are selling on your site.
  3. 3. This kind of service is standard for all advertising providers. But the difference with banners broker is, theunique system they have set up which also allows you to earn once you have purchased an advertisingpackage. While you pay for advertising, you’re earning revenue to offset your costs and then go on to makea profit.So how and why does banners broker pay you?When you purchase advertising (impressions to your banner ad) from banners broker, you are doing them afavor by buying from them and putting money in their pocket.In return for that, they will rent out a few advertising spots to you, which they control on other people’swebsites. These people who allow advertising on their websites are known as publishers.So, banners broker has an agreement with thousands of publishers whereby they control the advertisingspaces on those websites. These advertising spaces (on publishers’ websites) are known as panels.Publishers happily lease out these ad spots to banners broker because they know they will be receivingmoney from banners broker in return.When you buy an advertising package from banners broker, they will take a few of those ad spots (panels)and rent them out to you. This means that you now control those panels on those websites.So what if you have control of these panels. What does this mean?This means, that you now start to receive money when advertisers put their ads in those spots throughbanners broker. Banners broker handles it all for you. You don’t have to do a thing.They take the banner ad from the advertiser and place it on the panel which you have rented from them.Now since you are the one who is renting these ad spots (panels), banners broker will payyou to use them.It’s a highly unique system and it works out well for both the agent and banners broker.Banners broker will let you know from the beginning, how long they will rent out the panels to you for.To be precise, it’s not ‘how long‘ but rather it’s up to a certain point. That point is when you have earned acertain amount of money. That amount is usually double the amount of the advertising package you boughtin the first place.So to put it all together, let’s take a hypothetical scenario.Let’s say you joined banners broker as an agent. After you registered, you started looking at theiradvertising packages and you noticed that one of the packages made this offer to you:
  4. 4. § First Month Admin Fee of $15 included § Red Panel ($1225) § 121,000 ImpressionsThis shows that if you purchase a package named “Red”, then this would give you 121,000 impressions toyour banner ad and also it would cost you $1225 to buy this package (including the $15 admin fee).So before you buy this red package, you look at another chart to see how much money you will receive (byrenting panels from banners broker) on other people’s websites (publishers).Here is what you see…
  5. 5. From this image, you can see that if you purchase the red package for $1225, you will receive $2400 inreturn. This shows that you are receiving twice the amount of money you paid to advertise with bannersbroker (excluding the admin fee).Isn’t that great? You get to advertise your business and take benefit from that and yet at the same time, getto earn money from the banners broker system by being an agent who rents out ad spaces (panels) onpublisher websites!You can only rent out ad spaces (panels) if you buy advertising from Banners Broker. You can’t get in onthe action without it. It’s tit for tat. You give banners broker the business and they will reward you for it.Ok, so once you have bought the package, you can now do two things. 1. Manage your advertising impressions 2. Manage your real business, meaning the panels which bring you money.I’ll cover packages a little later in more detail.Although you’ll spend most of your time dealing with panels, you need to know about how to go aboutmanaging your advertising, so we’ll cover that part first. Then we’ll get to the good stuff.Next Blog to Come Soon… (still writing it )If you want the best chance at success in your Morinda business, you need to learn Attraction Marketingprinciples. Click here for a free 7 video training series on attraction marketing.By using attraction marketing, learning a few marketing skills, and leveraging the power of the internet,you can succeed where the other 95% fail.Imagine not having to buy leads, make cold calls, or even having to try and sell to your friends and family.What if you could easily start attracting people to you who are eager to learn about your business and maybuy from you even if they don’t join your business?Align yourself with someone who can help you create your marketing strategy, keep you focused andimprove your quality of life. Every minute you delay is costing you and your family precious time andmoney.Get the online system that will help you close more professionals into your business, generate moreleads, earn additional commissions and make more money on autopilot.Just imagine how amazing it will feel when you have prospects calling you instead of you chasingthem.Click Here ==> Get Your Hands On This System RIGHT NOW!
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