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$168,158 in 10 days while on vacation…


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$168,158 in 10 days while on vacation…

  1. 1. $168,158 in 10 days whileon vacation…Before you mark this message as spam,realize that you decided to get these emails,and opted into this list. If you don’t wantthem, that’s ok – simply scroll down and hitthe ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of themessage – I take your permission seriously,and won’t email you again.Thanks for being awesome.Sometimes, you can have a life changingmoment……when you realize something, make adecision, and all of the sudden – everythingin your life instantly changes.Lawrence Tam realized this.Was away for a few days…while there, I got to learn some secrets
  2. 2. that normally don’t get talked about, connectwith our leaders and build a new vision, andhear some incredible success stories.For example – something I don’t talk abouta lot, is a side affect from a mentoring programI have called ‘The Inner Circle‘ where we breakdown the structure of marketing magic in a waythat’s easy to understand……as a side affect, I don’t know if you’ve everhad a moment in life where you realize something,make a decision, and have a transformation inyour life.Scott made a decision that saved his life.While David Sharpe was training, my brother Akipulled me aside, and told me about a guy in theaudience (scott) who LITERALLY said that
  3. 3. the Inner Circle saved his life.I wanted to hear his story, so I brought him down.He had written his story down on a napkin, andas he talked, he was looking down, visibly shaking……he shared a story about how he was driving downthe road with stolen medical supplies, headed towardshis home where he was going to take his own life.Then all of a sudden, traffic stopped.Stuck behind a mile of honking cars, Scott realized thathe couldn’t kill himself on the freeway, so he turnedon an audio training from the Inner Circle, and heardsomething……that didn’t change his life - it saved it.
  4. 4. What he learned was the secret.The same secret you can learn.When you click here.He turned the medical supplies back in, and madea decision – a new decision – that he was not onlyworthy of greatness……that he’s going to take action, now.As he shared the secret, and how it had saved hislife, 100 people rose to their feet, on the oceanside of Costa Rica, roaring with applause……not at what they had just learned – at the storyof victory from this man – who at the brink ofsuicide, rose from the ashes – and now……you can, too.
  5. 5. When you make a decision, and take massiveaction, and you have clarity of purpose……there’s only one thing that can stop you:And that’s if your plan doesn’t work in theway that you want it to.I realized something, in an instant – while walkingthrough the mountains a little over a year ago.I realized that the plan was broken.I realized that GOOD PEOPLE were trying tomake money online, had an action plan……and it wasn’t working.I realized that people weren’t getting rich following
  6. 6. the way of the Gurus, and that something had tochange, now, and……a year later, after realizing this and being gone for10 days – not even sending an email……I made $168,158 in 10 days while on vacation -hanging out with the richest team I’ve ever metin Network Marketing.These are not Gurus.They don’t even do product launches.They don’t run around managing 1,000 websites.None of them even understand technology.The best part?
  7. 7. Any single person in my team can out earn me – I’mjust leading by example.What does $168,158 in 10 days while on vacationmean to you?* I’m not talking about sales, I’m talking about incomeas an affiliate, from my personal account – selling myown stuff, just like I teach you to do……when you click here now.So what does it mean?It means that finally you have a plan that’s working.It means that finally you can get the results that you want.It means that if you make a decision, and get all in,you can change your life in a moment.
  8. 8. It means that you can travel with us to exotic locations,and live the life of your dreams……it means:It’s YOUR TURN now.(click here to make a decision for only $25)You, like Scott, can learn the secret.It’s your turn now.It’s time to take action, make a decision, andget the results that you want.It’s time to break through.NOW.
  9. 9. Let’s lock arms, and fight the forces of evil.Get in, now, by clicking this……and see the video here.-David Wood“the Guru Slayer“P.S. If you’re in – you can meet me live in SanDiego next month. Just login, and click the linkthat says ‘Do you hate evil’.I’ll see you there.Click here to get in.Written by David Wood3530 1st Ave. N, Suite #221 Saint Petersburg, FL 33713, USA Any questions? Call or email me… Everyone else does… 845.213.4337 OR Log In FREE for more info
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