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The Art and Science of LinkedIn


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Gain Exposure, Engage Customers, Grow Your Business Success on LinkedIn and in fact in all Social Media channels relies on the principle of leveraging and building your reputation with your existing professional (and personal) connections as well as building new connections that will also hold you in high regard. Yet many LinkedIn users fail to do this effectively and damage their reputations because they forget the simple rules of engagement when it comes to interacting with their existing and prospective audience online.

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The Art and Science of LinkedIn

  1. The Art of Linked In:Discovering How To Use The Relevant Social Media Channels In Your Business.Gain Exposure, Engage Customers, Grow Your Business.<br />a Studio 22/2-6 New Street, Richmond Vic 3121 t +61 3 9428 9193 f +61 3 9428 1823 <br />e w<br />
  2. Contents<br />Social Media Overview<br />Why LinkedIn, Blogs and Twitter are the 3 essential Social Media Applications for your practice. <br />Which one should you use or do you have to use all of them? <br />How much time you will need to invest into social media marketing to reap the benefits?<br />LinkedIn<br />How to find your target market online? <br />How to make your message stand out and be noticed?<br />What are the marketing Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media<br />How can you measure your efforts?<br />©<br />2<br />
  3. Why all the fuss about Social Media?<br />©<br />3<br />Network<br />Share<br />Express<br />Play<br />
  4. ©<br />4<br />Inbound Marketing is more effective<br />
  5. ©<br />5<br />Outbound Decreasing, Inbound Increasing<br />
  6. SME’s Do More Inbound<br />©<br />6<br />
  7. Benefits of Social Media Marketing<br />©<br />7<br />
  8. Contemplate Then Act – Quickly<br />©<br />8<br />
  9. Are You Not Leveraging Your People?<br />©<br />9<br />No Strategy?<br />Fear of Failure?<br />Lack of Knowledge?<br />Lack of Resources?<br />
  10. The Landscape Can Be Confusing<br />©<br />10<br />
  11. Social Media Usage<br />©<br />11<br />
  12. Social Media Works<br />©<br />12<br />
  13. Have An Opinion and Express It Often<br />©<br />13<br />
  14. Pick the Right Social Media Channel(s)<br />©<br />14<br />Impossible to do everything!<br />Where are your customers?<br />Where can you REACH them most cost effectively?<br />
  15. Time Commitment To Social Media Marketing<br />©<br />15<br />
  16. LinkedIn – “Facebook for Business”<br />Provides a meeting place where people expect to “do business”<br />Leverages relationships by making connections visible<br />Helps maintain personal relationships and build new ones.<br />Provides a platform for the most effective form of Marketing - Word of Mouth <br />It can link all other essential Social Media Tools<br />©<br />16<br />
  17. Who Is On LinkedIn<br />©<br />17<br />
  18. It Is Not How Big It Is But How You Use It<br />Most Users utilize 5% of the functionality (benefits)<br />©<br />18<br />
  19. ©<br />19<br />Promote <br />Personal <br />Brand<br />Research<br />Proactive <br />Networking<br />Productivity<br />Reference <br />Check<br />Find Experts,Partners<br />Job Search,Hire & Interviews<br />Ask forAdvice<br />Sales<br />What Do You Want To Do<br />Google Page Rank; Personal & Company<br />Answer Questions<br /><ul><li> Speak to Successes & Failures
  20. Opinions / Polls- An Industry- Track Start-Ups</li></ul>- Groups - Advanced Search- Events<br />- Employer & Employee<br />- Company Culture<br />- Growth Potential<br />- Staff Turnover<br />Recruit / Head hunt<br />Get Head hunted<br />Lead Generation Sales Acceleration<br />
  21. Media Effectiveness:Professional Services (B2B)<br />©<br />20<br />At least half of these didn’t exist 10 years ago!<br />REFERRALS<br />Existing customers <br />Influencers (who are not customers)<br />Networking<br />Physical – Dedicated Networking Groups, Industry Associations, Expos, etc<br />Virtual (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc)<br />Website, Blog, Online Video<br />Search Engine Marketing<br />Paid Search / Pay Per Click<br />Search Engine Optimisation<br />Banner Ads<br />Email (Existing Customers) – Keep in Touch<br />PR – Online<br />PR - Traditional<br />Direct Mail & Telemarketing<br />Trade Press / Local Paper / Niche Magazines<br />3 years ago you couldn’t manage most of these from one interface!<br />
  22. Case Studies<br />©<br />21<br />From LinkedIn <br />From My Network<br />“I get about 25% of my business through Linkedin.”- Insurance Sales, USA<br />“New clients and contacts, but more than that, I began speaking on podcasts and webinars about LinkedIn and as a result got invited to speak at a conference in Canada last June.”<br />- IT Services, Australia<br />“New contacts, More knowledge, Personal Branding, <br />Found partner - started up company, Sales”.<br /><ul><li>Consultant, UK</li></ul>“Headhunted…”<br />- Too many too mention!<br />
  23. Find Your Target Market Online<br />©<br />22<br />Build your network<br />Look at the most connected in your network<br />Start with those that you have the greatest “emotional credits with”<br />Search<br />1. People<br />2. Groups<br />
  24. Advanced People Search<br />©<br />23<br />Examples<br />Architects<br />Information Technology<br />
  25. ©<br />24<br />
  26. ©<br />25<br />
  27. How To Make Your Message Stand Out?<br />©<br />26<br />Practice Marketing Principles<br />“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”<br />- Coco Chanel<br />
  28. How To Make Your Message Stand Out and Be Noticed?<br />©<br />27<br />Utilise The Principles of Word of Mouth Marketing:<br />Give people a reason to talk about your productsand services, and make it easier for that conversationto take place. You’ll need to be creative.<br />Basic Elements:<br />Educating people about your products and services<br />Identifying people most likely to share their opinions<br />Providing tools that make it easier to share information<br />Studying how, where, and when opinions are being shared<br />Listening and responding to supporters, detractors, and neutrals<br />
  29. Be Different – Your Brand, Your Profile<br />©<br />28<br /> It is like a resume but it doesn’t have to be boring<br />Make sure you have the right keywords<br />Get someone else to proofread it or write it for you!<br />
  30. Creativity Buys Precious Attention<br />©<br />29<br />
  31. Marketing Do’s – More Give, Less Take<br />©<br />30<br />Develop a unique profile – Design your Brand, e.g.: Matthew Banks<br />Maximize your profile<br />Connect - Import Contacts - people you have a relationship with:<br />Clients<br />Suppliers<br />Prospects<br />Recommendations: Giving and Asking for<br />Participate: Join Groups<br />Research: Listen, Understand member needs, Ask Questions<br />Analyse<br />Build Credibility by developing content by focusing and delivering on your Brand<br />Build Relationships: <br />Add Value (Promote Content, e.g.: Blog), <br />Answer Questions<br />Help others get more connected: Teach and Encourage<br />Promote Content with Applications<br />Get in Front of Prospects<br />Introductions<br />LinkedIn Mail<br />LinkedIn Advertising<br />
  32. Marketing Don’ts<br />©<br />31<br />DON’T ACT ANY DIFFERENTLY TO WHAT YOU WOULD DO IN “REAL LIFE”<br />Have a reason to connect – answer the W.I.F.M!<br />Education & Communication v Promotion<br />Everyone wants to know the Do’s and Don’ts<br />No-one wants to be “Sold!”<br />Real Example:<br />
  33. How Can You Measure Your Efforts?<br />©<br />32<br />Return on Investment (Time)<br />Enquiries (Cost Per Response)<br />Etc.<br />
  34. References<br />©<br />33<br /> can subscribe to their blog for new marketing data as it is available:<br /><br />
  35. Connect With Us on LinkedIn<br />a Studio 22/2-6 New Street, Richmond Vic 3121 t +61 3 9428 9193 f +61 3 9428 1823 <br /> v1<br />34<br />GENE STARK<br />LinkedIn:<br /> twitter: @starkreality4u<br /> Stark Reality delivers big brand marketing communication disciplines and processes to Small and Medium Enterprises, specifically professional services and b2b technology companies. <br /> We also run tailored LinkedIn workshops to assist our clients find, attract and retain customers.<br />