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Video Content Strategy 101: Creating content people care about


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No-one ‘wants’ to see a bottle of coke on a billboard. Nor are you able to report on how many people have seen that billboard and how many sales you’ve made from it.

That’s where video content comes in. Businesses know they need to make video content but they don’t know what to make or how to make it. Using our basic ‘TV Network’ strategy, any business can put together their video content strategy that gets buy-in from their audience and internally. It’s also reportable as well as engaging (if you make it engaging that is).

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Video Content Strategy 101: Creating content people care about

  1. 1. Video Content Strategy 101 Gary Gumbleton CAPITALCONTENT
  2. 2. Who Am I? Overall Video Strategy Production Techniques How To Prioritise Top 5 Tips Q&A
  3. 3. JOBS - CAREER - CALLING Removal Man Real Estate Agent Factory Worker Vodafone Global Frontside Media Business Growth Content
  4. 4. Content Agency Based in Heathrow Video, Photo and Social Short Form to Documentary Starts with an Objective 3000 Videos
  5. 5. Videographer Low Cost One Person To Deal With No Concepting Needs Direction Mid to High Cost Full Team Concept Production Distribution Agency
  6. 6. Overall Video Strategy ‘TV Network’
  7. 7. A TV Network Structure consists of: Network Channel Season Episode Jungles
  8. 8. Channel Essentials
  9. 9. Business Name TV Thought Leadership Behind The Scenes Community Involvement B2B & B2C Indirect Sales Pitch Varying Topics Interviews Discussions High Production B2C Behind The Logo Video and Image DIY Mid to Low Production Smart Phone Basic Rules B2B & B2C 1mil - 2mil Boomerang Sponsorship Company & Employee Ethical Competitor
  10. 10. Production Techniques
  11. 11. Beginner: Horizontal Rear Camera Well Lit Selfie Stick (Sorry!!) Intermediate: Microphone Spotlight Tripod (Short/Tall) External Battery
  12. 12. Mobile 2
  13. 13. Applications
  14. 14. Adobe Rush Spark Post Professional
  15. 15. Prioritisation
  16. 16. Thought Leadership Behind The Scenes Community Involvement Episode One Topic One Adhoc Event Week One Episode Two Topic Two Adhoc Event Week Two Episode Three Topic Three Adhoc Event Week Three ETC ETC ETC ETC
  17. 17. Top 5 Tips
  18. 18. Top 5 Tips for Distribution 1. £1.99 Strategy 2. Add some raw 3. 3 Reasons for Viral (Kevin Allocca) 4. First 5 Seconds 5. Watch it on Mute
  19. 19. Influencer Catalogue
  20. 20. TV Network Strategy Network - Channel - Season - Episode Thought Leadership - BTS - Community Involvement Professional vs DIY Specific DIY Rules Content Priority Matrix
  21. 21. Thank You Q&A