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Blog Marketing: 13 Proven Strategies To Promote And Market Your Business B…


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Do you struggle to attract readers to your blog? Are you looking for blog marketing and promotion ideas that will bring more of your ideal customers to your business blog?

Most bloggers struggle at some point to bring in new readers, and then turn readers into subscribers.

Over the years, I’ve written a number of posts about promoting your blog. However, every few months a new tool or platform arrives on the scene that can have a huge impact on how you market your blog.

Pinterest, anyone?

In addition, some of the tactics I promoted in the past have become less important or even irrelevant, like blog directories or pinging news aggregation sites.

In this article you’ll find 13 proven strategies for increasing your blog’s visibility and attracting more qualified traffic TODAY!

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Blog Marketing: 13 Proven Strategies To Promote And Market Your Business B…

  1. 1. BLOGMARKETING13 Proven Strategies to Promote & MarketYour Business Blog
  2. 2. Create Keyword-Rich Blog Posts Most of your new blog readers and subscribers are going to come througha search, so it’s important to have at least a working understanding of SEO.
  3. 3. Write Guest Blog Posts At Other BlogsGuest blogging creates new inbound links to your site and introduces you to a new audience.
  4. 4. Offer An Email SubscriptionTease your content in the email, sending subscribers back to your blog where they can share and comment.
  5. 5. Make Sharing Easy With Sharing ButtonsLike tip jars, sharing buttons reminds readers that you want them to share your content with others.
  6. 6. Use Google+ To Improve Your SEO And Drive TrafficThe bottom line is that right now Google+ influences Google search results and that’s reason enough for you to use it.
  7. 7. Tweet (& Retweet) Your PostsOnce your post is up you’ll want to share the post with your Twitter followers.
  8. 8. Share Your Post On FacebookPost your link directly into Facebook (rather than through an app like Hootsuite) for better reach & engagement.
  9. 9. Make Your Posts Pinnable Pinterest can deliver lots of traffic to your site.Create one very pinnable image for maximum results.
  10. 10. Leverage LinkedIn For B2B BlogsThere are three main places to promote blog posts on LinkedIn: your personal updates, groups you belong to, and company pages.
  11. 11. Convert Posts Into Presentations For SlideShareWhether you’re a one-person show or you have a team, it’s important to make your content go as far as possible. 
  12. 12. Submit It To AllTop
  13. 13. Leverage StumbleUpon To GenerateTraffic Spikes
  14. 14. Establish Credibility With The Author TagThe author tag makes your search result more eye-catching, and evidence suggests that it will improve your click-through rate.
  15. 15. Thanks! Questions? Rich Brooks 207.619.0099 @therichbrooks For more details on these secrets to success, and to get new marketing ideas delivered for free to your email visit: