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The benefits of podcasting are plentiful: Creating a podcast is simple and inexpensive (although you can certainly make it difficult and expensive if that’s how you roll.)

You have a captive audience, because people often listen to podcasts while they’re doing something that keeps them from reading or watching videos, like driving in their car or running on a treadmill.

You are quite literally inside your audience’s head, and they feel like they know you.

People subscribe to your podcast, so it’s delivered to them automatically, not unlike an email newsletter.

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13 podcasting tips

  1. 1. PODCASTMARKETING13 Podcasting Tips from The Experts
  2. 2. Just Do ItActually ‘getting started’ with a podcast is the toughest part – and it’s not a tech thing.Chris C. Ducker is the Founder of Virtual Staff Finder, avirtual assistant match-making service and Location63, Cebu City’s first ever co-working space.
  3. 3. Have a Plan & System for Your PodcastPodcasting is an excellent medium to share content, and is showing signs of resurgence with a number of thoughtleaders and professional now entering (or re-entering) the Podcast arena. Shelia Butler is a Business Consultant and host of the WebTV show Successful Women Talk.
  4. 4. Launch Big or Go Home When bringing a podcast into the world, launch day is of utmost importance. John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of  EntrepreneurOnFire, a business podcast that interviewstodays most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs 5-days a week.
  5. 5. Hire a Professional Voice Get a professional voice talent to record your introduction and outro. Michael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner  and the Social Media Marketing Podcast.
  6. 6. Be Thankful for the Audience You HaveIn essence, when you super serve those who are alreadyfollowing you, those folks will eventually be the ones who promote you and your podcast best. Cliff Ravenscraft is the Podcast Answer Man.
  7. 7. Your Podcast Ranking is ImportantJust like with Google results, the top rankings get most ofthe traffic. So when you decide to create a podcast, shoot for being in the top 5%.Jaime Tardy is the founder of Eventual Millionaire, where she interviews millionaires for her weekly podcast.
  8. 8. Length Is Important Make it as long as necessary to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep it interesting. C.C. Chapman is the Founder of the Cleon Foundation, theauthor of the bestselling book Amazing Things Will Happen.
  9. 9. Drive People to Your Website or BlogA podcast is great, but nobody can click a sound – youMUST get people to come back to your website or blog from your podcast. Pat Flynn is the owner of SmartPassiveIncome.com where he has an audience of over 60,000 subscribers
  10. 10. Create Content You Would Want to Listen To Podcasting, more than blogging and social media, can have a reach that is remarkably unique. Farnoosh Brock is a corporate escapee and a full-timeentrepreneur. She created the podcast, The Daily Interaction
  11. 11. Listen, Really Listen When You Interview Be a listening interviewer, not a question list reader.Chris Brogan is the CEO and president of Human BusinessWorks, a business design company that helps professionals work better, do the work they want, and be brave.  
  12. 12. Find Your Best Potential IntervieweesSelect the best guests for your show while quickly building a large following and profitable Platform.Travis Lane Jenkins is the founder and owner of service and consulting businesses with more than 70 million dollars in sales.
  13. 13. Allow The Interview to Flow, But Focus on One Topic fro the Blog PostI do an interview style show and one of the things I really try to do is add something insightful to the conversation.John Jantsch is a speaker, marketing consultant, award winnin  and author
  14. 14. You Can Profit From Podcasting!Action Plans That Lead to Podcasting Profits: Find the pain; Believe in the value you have to offer; Build aRelationship; Chose a Money Model; Clearly Define the Solution Jeremy Frandsen is the founder and co-host of the  Internet Business Mastery podcast.
  15. 15. Thanks! Questions? Rich Brooks TheMarketingAgents.com 207.619.0099 @therichbrooks For more details on these expert podcasting ideas, and to get new marketing ideas delivered for free to your email visit: http://bit.ly/13podcastingtips