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Stop Doing Social Media, Become A Social Business


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Slides from my talk at OCTribe on June 27th, 2012.

In a race to do social media, are you creating an organization that can deal with today's reality? Social means more than than setting up a Twitter account, and community management does not mean amassing fans on Facebook. Smart organizations know that with the help of social platforms, they can become better. Becoming a better organization comes from listening and learning all around you -- across customers, employees, advocates, "badvocates," and everyone in between. Acting on these insights takes a flexible structure that empowers and enables, and leadership that inspires and listens.

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Stop Doing Social Media, Become A Social Business

  1. 1. Social media vs. social business!Checkers vs. chess! Maria Ogneva, Director of Community, Yammer @yammer @themaria
  2. 2. do you feel like this……when calling800 numbers? @yammer @themaria
  3. 3. @yammer @themaria
  4. 4. @yammer @themaria
  5. 5. causes ofsocial media crisessource: altimeter group! 15%! exposure of poor experience 12%! violation of ethical guidelines 8%!@yammer @themaria rogue employees
  6. 6. @yammer @themaria
  7. 7. nothersilo? @yammer @themaria
  8. 8. @yammer @themaria
  9. 9. doing beingsocial media a social businessexternal holisticanother silo cross-functionalfocused on PR focused on learningshort-term focus long-term focusephemeral systematicfashionable transformative @yammer @themaria
  10. 10. @yammer @themaria
  11. 11. 38%TIME LOSTduplicating work& searching forinformation Source: IDC @yammer @themariaSource: Forrester Research,Demystifying the Mobile Workforce, June 2011
  12. 12. 62%of employees work inMULTIPLELOCATIONSduring the work week Source: Forrester Research, Demystifying the Mobile Workforce, June 2011Source: Forrester Research, @yammer @themariaDemystifying the Mobile Workforce, June 2011
  13. 13. @yammer @themaria
  14. 14. @yammer @themaria
  15. 15. foundation of strength @yammer @themaria
  16. 16. adaptability @yammer @themaria!
  17. 17. @yammer @themaria
  18. 18. @yammer @themaria
  19. 19. @yammer @themaria
  20. 20. @yammer @themaria
  21. 21. @yammer @themaria
  22. 22. @yammer @themaria
  23. 23. @yammer @themaria
  24. 24. step 1! understand your culture! @yammer @themaria!
  25. 25. step 2! don’t do it alone!Internal advocates! business units! exec ! leadership! @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  26. 26. step 3!tie to business objectives! @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  27. 27. step 4! create a plan!assign resources!policy & governance!training!work with stakeholders! @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  28. 28. step 5!listen first, listen everywhere! @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  29. 29. step 6!have a response plan! @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  30. 30. step 7!become connected! @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  31. 31. step 8! integrate systems!People Conversations Content Business data Mobile @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  32. 32. step 9!mobilize & enable! @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  33. 33. step 10!measure & predict, demonstrate success! @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  34. 34. step 11!build community! ! community opportunity @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  35. 35. step 12! learn, evolve, co-create!Fail fast, learn and be humble @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  36. 36. remember...! behavior change is hard!Fail fast, learn and be humble @yammer @themaria @yammer @themaria
  37. 37. BUT…it isSO worth it! @yammer @themaria
  38. 38. Thank you!! Keep in touch:! @themaria!!!! @yammer @themaria