Patient protection and_affordable_care_act


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Patient protection and_affordable_care_act

  1. 1. Patient Protection and Affordable Care ActWhat is this stuff and how will it effect you? BY: Nicholas Marsilio
  2. 2. A Quick Look• This act is going to make health care • These acts are going to add 940 available for about 32 million more billion dollars in the federal budget Americans. during the first 10 years• It also is going to require every citizen • A study by the congressional budget to have health care by 2014 or they office says that this act will also lower could face a fine the budget deficit by 143 billion• The affordable health care act allows dollars during these 10 years people to choose a plan that is either • This Act was designed to offsets its privately owned or ran by the costs by lowering payments to government hospitals, increasing Medicare tax• The citizen can also purchase a plan payments from higher income from a state based agency households, and consolidating the higher education loan program with the Pell Grant program.
  3. 3. Opposition to the acts• The American Association of • Gerald E. Rodts, president of the CNS Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and says this will just be a burden to most Congress of Neurological Surgeons Americans (CNS) announced their opposition to the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act• These people think that the major problems of our health care are still not fixed in these new acts• The think that it will put the government between the doctors and the patient making it more difficult to get the needed care
  4. 4. No Health Care hurts Are you going to stand by as this child is refused care justbecause of a financial issue? What could be done to help her live a morefull life?
  5. 5. Pros of the acts• It is Estimated that the net total • All children and adults up to the age decline of 237 billion dollars will of 26 can stay under there parents occur in the budget during 2010- plan now until they can get there 2019 own• People can receive credits to help • The acts also have more programs in them pay for the health care it to train more doctors to meet the• You can keep your current coverage if new demand of patients you already have it • They also cover preventative care,• With a government program, this and this would help more people out could induce more competition in the of the hospital by catching illnesses private health care industry causing before they get bad them to lower prices
  6. 6. Lets make everyone happy! This Health care could help a lot of Americans living in povertystay healthy for a much longer time. And with the economic condition of todaythis is also a opportunity to create a lot more jobs and get the unemploymentrate down!
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