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Health project

  1. 1. Nathalie BenecheCIVCOM 211April 5, 2012Dr. Chirico, Dr. Wolf Health Project Whether or not you have good health insurance or any health insurance at all, paying$600 for a prescription for eye medication is, in my opinion, absolutely ridiculous. Why are ourhospital bills so expensive? Surgeries, for example, can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars,based on the type of surgery, the tests that are done before and after the surgery, the operatingroom fees, the complications that may arise, the amount of time spent in the hospital forrecovering, the actual surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, and other things that generally go into asurgery. Can we really expect someone to pay for all of that? What can a bartender do when herealizes he has cancer and the costs of radiation and chemo, etc. can reach up to a hundredgrand? America, being the world leader, is number 37, on the list of countries with the besthealth care systems. Leading the list are Japan, the UK, Germany and Switzerland. The US obviously sees its problems with healthcare and is undergoing many transitionsto make healthcare affordable for everyone. On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed theAffordable Care Act that has health care reforms that will take place during the next four years.In 2012, we have already started some of those reforms. States have been allowed to cover morepeople on Medicaid. The government is “cracking down” on health care fraud. And besides justfraud, it is now illegal for an insurance company to deny coverage based on a small technicalerror on an application. They are providing more coverage for early retirees, the PCIP. The PCIPis the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. It provides new coverage for those who’ve not had
  2. 2. insurance because of pre-existing conditions. It also prevents insurance companies from denyingcoverage for those under nineteen because of a pre-existing condition again. The government isextending the coverage for young adults so they may be able to remain on their parents plan untilthe age of twenty-six. They are also bringing down health care premiums. Premiums are theamount of money you pay for health insurance and there are many factors that go intodetermining those premiums. They see whether or not you are a tobacco user of any kind, theydetermine your body mass index, BMI. If you have a high BMI you’ll receive a higher healthinsurance premium, they take your age into account and even your gender. Females will tend tohave higher health insurance premiums because they need more wellness visits to the doctor aswell as the fact that women can get pregnant and they need multiple doctor visits throughouttheir pregnancy. All of these are great things that are getting started, butI’m sure along with everyone inAmerica just want to see it all follow through and eventually we can reach a point where we arenot afraid or anxious going to the hospital for our medical problems because we know we cannotafford the bills when they come to us.
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