Health care


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Health care

  1. 1. S O W H AT S T H E P RO B L E M ? d in s a e l u e PATIENT PROTECTION p s x Is And Affordable care act e Considering the importance of the ay later? reme Court Sup Allotted 3 days for P a y n o w ?  P Day 1 oral arguments The first in three days of arguments, focused on whether the Supreme Court could consider this case. Arguments AT E hinged on whether the penalty I N D I V I D Ur c L c l aA NeD A M e us that individuals would pay under Comme the law if they don’t have health insurance, starting in 2015, Health care cost are rising in the U.S. and constitutes a tax. If it does, was it subject to a law, the Anti- unfortunately most cant afford to pay. The Injunction Act, that says taxes cannot be challenged in court question at hand is how do we deal with this? until they are levied? W h a ts a l l t h i s c o m m o ti o n ab o ut ? Day 2 ecidedly the U.S. health care The heart of the debate revolves around Is it constitutional forD system is i need of reform. Considering that U.S. health care cost have risen in a manner that the constitutionality of the federal government requiring private citizens to buy health care. The supreme court is the federal government to require mosthas left a large swath of the population currently deliberating if it is a legal Americans to buycannot afford care the U.S. Congress, assumption that health insurance falls health insurance?Senate and President have developed the under the classification of interstatePatient protection and affordable care act. commerce as prescribed by the U.S. constitution Day 3This bill is meant to make Insurance What should happen to the restaccessible to all it has two key mechanisms Considering that the act requires insurance of the Affordable Care Act if thethat have been a hot bed of debate companies to take individuals with pre mandate requiring mostamongst states and citizens. first a federal existing conditions it is very uncertain if Americans to have healthmandate that requires insurance companies these companies can insurance is struck down? And, isto accept all patients regardless of handle the financial stress it constitutional for the federalpreexisting conditions and second a of paying for sickrequirement that all U.S. citizens Buy individuals if the healthy government to require states tohealth insurance. population does not buy expand their Medicaid rolls to health insurance. cover more of those people who are now uninsured?