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  1. 1. To days education system needs a fresh look Mag 101 MAGNET SCHOOLS net Sch 2 14 ools o Career focused education with a firm basic foundation th S fA Was S tree merica hing uite 20 t N.W. ton 3 , D. TEL 202 EPH C. 2 000 5 Numerous studies -824 ONE -067 2 FAX already point to the 202 -737 -010 0 benefits of magnet schools. Generaly,Increasing attendance, magnet schools have been found to increasePerformance & graduation rates student achievement, student motivation and satisfaction BENEFITS OF STUDENT INTEREST BASE CURRICULUMINCREASED STUDENT INTERESTUsing a student interest based curriculumencourages students participation, byincreasing the desire to master course workstudents no longer hesitate to do prescribedcourse work ScienceINCREASED EFFORT ATTENDANCEStudent interest based curriculum motivatesstudents to go to school on a regular basis,making course work that appeals to studentinterest reduces the amount of truancy thataf fects traditional schools. Increasedattendance ensures that students are in place toreceive the necessary materials to excel in the Art Vocationalcourse The proposed increase in the President’s FY 2012 MSAP budget willINCREASED STUDENT SUCCESSES RATES support approximatelyStudent interest and attendance is linked to 40 MSAP grantees at anstudent performance. It must also be noted that average of $2.75M permagnet school curriculum may also directly grantee, per year.lead to careers or college majors Magnet Schools of America1012 14th Street N.W.Suite 203 Washington , D.C. 20005