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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Kent Nguyen Apps Portfolio
  2. 2. VIDYOUVidyou is a video discovery and service, designedmainly for mobiles and tablets.I’ve designed and developed the iPhone/iPad andAndroid application for this service, occasionallyfixed some bugs on the Rails server side too. TheAndroid implementation of the service is doneentirely in Titanium Mobile.Link to App Store here, or Android market here.
  3. 3. TODAY’S NEWSToday’s News App is a pure news reader thatprobably deliver the best paper experience oniPhone and iPad. It fetches daily content from theGuardian (UK) and store on your iOS devices foryour consumption.Link to App Store here.
  4. 4. TIN TUCTin Tuc App is a Vietnamese news reader app,based on Today’s News 2 concept, built solely formy personal consumption and experimenting witha new technology. It is my very first experimentwith Titanium Mobile framework. It is until now(2012) still a bleeding-edge technology thatreduces development time and cost of iOS/Android apps to almost only a quarter.Link to App Store here, or Android here.
  5. 5. LUXTICKETThis application was developed within a shortperiod of 2 weeks using Titanium platform. It is arealtime penny auction mobile client for theLuxTicket.SG service, in addition to their website.Titanium is most suitable for this project becauseof the limited timeframe available and expecteddevelopment for Android version with minimalcost and effort.Link to LuxTicket.SG here.
  6. 6. FOTOBOOKFotobook App is a straightforward photo browsing app forFacebook. Back then, the official Facebook app fails miserably inthe photo viewing department. So Fotobook was built for bothspeed and simplicity. The photos are cached and can bedownloaded in batch. With one touch, all your tagged photos canbe downloaded into your phone. This project was built withThree20.Link to App Store here.
  7. 7. PERXMore information available upon request.Link to Perx here.
  8. 8. IDD CALLIDD Call is a white-labelled application aimed atenterprises with frequently travelled personnels.The application automatically detects andreplaces international prefixes of different phonenumber formats based on the sim-card inserted,allow huge cost saving when dialing overseasand while roaming.It could be used in place of the built-in dialerwithout special modification to the platform(jailbreak).For more information on deploying theapplication, please drop me an email directly.
  9. 9. Size Me Up is a series of 2 applications for a client. The application allows conversion ofSIZE ME UP clothes and shoes sizes between the different measurement standards in different countries. Link to App Store here, and here.
  10. 10. SWEEPSTAKESSweepstakes Free is a unique hybrid half-game half-utility type ofapplication. The core of the application was developed as a normalapplication, while several game-like animation was added into theinteraction. The application is backed by Ruby on Rails back-endapplication. Besides the challenge of supporting older iOS 4 andmaintaining a 60fps framerate quality, the application also has to handledifferent timezones and a secured session must be kept, preventingexpected abusive use cases. Link to App Store here.
  11. 11. VAK TESTVAK is the first trial application developed by TGMStudio, a small studio in Vietnam. The application isthe training ground for the team, combiningdevelopment and artistic talents. Link to App Storehere.
  12. 12. E-BOOK PLATFORMThe platform is a PDF-based ebooksystem made for TGM Books’published titles. It is unique becauseof its text clarity on both iPhone andiPad screen. Coupled with fastdeployment time on existing title andvarious built-in promotional feature, itis makes a high quality and securedplatform for quickly distributingebooks.Link to more information here.
  13. 13. Kent NguyenContribution to Open Source UI projects check out my public repositories for my coding convention and code architecture
  14. 14. KNPathTableViewController KNPathTableViewController is an UITableViewController with a small customizable overlay panel that shows up when you scroll the table, inspired by Path app.
  15. 15. KNSemiModalViewControllerUIViewController+KNSemiModal is an effort to make a replica of semi-modal view with pushed-back stacked animation found in thebeautiful Park Guides by National Geographic app. You can see this original semi-modal view below.
  16. 16. KNMultiItemSelectorKNMultiItemSelector is a versatile drop in multiple items selector for iOS projects. It works with both iPhone andiPad for several usage scenarios. See features and screenshots below