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Who rules


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Who rules

  1. 1. Who Rules?Who Rules? Lesson Activities
  3. 3. Types of Governments & Leaders Think About It!Think About It! What kinds of governments exist? What kinds of leaders can be in charge of a country? Think about everything you’ve ever heard of or learned and add it to this mind map.
  4. 4.  Where would you put theocracy on this chart?Where would you put theocracy on this chart? Theocracy can apply toTheocracy can apply to any of these!any of these!
  5. 5. MINI-QUIZ Do You Know Your Forms of Government?
  6. 6. A or B?A or B? 1. One person is in charge.1. One person is in charge. AA BB AutocracyAutocracy DemocracyDemocracy
  7. 7. A or B?A or B? 2. Citizens often have no2. Citizens often have no rights.rights. AA BB DemocracyDemocracy DictatorshipDictatorship
  8. 8. A or B?A or B? 3. Can exist with other3. Can exist with other forms of government.forms of government. AA BB DictatorshipDictatorship TheocracyTheocracy
  9. 9. A or B?A or B? 4. Led by a king or queen.4. Led by a king or queen. AA BB MonarchyMonarchy OligarchyOligarchy
  10. 10. A or B?A or B? 5. Nobody is in charge.5. Nobody is in charge. AA BB MonarchyMonarchy AnarchyAnarchy
  11. 11. A or B?A or B? 6. Those in charge are6. Those in charge are military members who tookmilitary members who took over by force.over by force. AA BB JuntaJunta DemocracyDemocracy
  12. 12. A or B?A or B? 7. Leader often shares7. Leader often shares power with other parts ofpower with other parts of government.government. AA BB MonarchyMonarchy DictatorshipDictatorship
  13. 13. A or B?A or B? 8. Democracy where citizens8. Democracy where citizens elect others to serve inelect others to serve in government.government. AA BB DirectDirect RepresentativeRepresentative 
  14. 14. A or B?A or B? 9. Citizens vote to elect their9. Citizens vote to elect their leaders.leaders. AA BB DemocracyDemocracy AutocracyAutocracy
  15. 15. A or B?A or B? 10. A small group rules the10. A small group rules the AA BB OligarchyOligarchy DemocracyDemocracy
  16. 16. A or B?A or B? 11. People do not answer to11. People do not answer to any leader or government.any leader or government. AA BB OligarchyOligarchy AnarchyAnarchy
  17. 17. A or B?A or B? 12. God and religious law12. God and religious law are the governmentare the government authority.authority. AA BB OligarchyOligarchy AnarchyAnarchy
  18. 18. A or B?A or B? 13. The group with power13. The group with power can be based on race orcan be based on race or social class. AA BB MonarchyMonarchy OligarchyOligarchy
  19. 19. A or B?A or B? 14. Democracy where14. Democracy where citizens participate incitizens participate in lawmaking themselves.lawmaking themselves. AA BB DirectDirect RepresentativeRepresentative
  20. 20. ACTIVITY A Identify That Government!
  21. 21. SWITZERLAND Citizens elect representatives to sit in two different lawmaking assemblies. But citizens also vote several times a year to decide on laws. Citizens can vote to propose their own laws or undo laws passed by their representatives. All citizens may vote directly on these laws. Forms of Government: __________________________________ and __________________________________ representative democracy direct democracy
  22. 22. SOUTH AFRICA From 1948-1994, official policy in South Africa gave white people all the political power. Even though the majority of South Africans were black, non-whites could not influence government. White South Africans elected representatives to sit in a lawmaking body. Forms of Government: __________________________________ and __________________________________ oligarchy representative democracy
  23. 23. NORTH KOREA One man leads North Korea and controls its government. He also controls its ruling political party. The ruling party chooses candidates for an Assembly, and citizens vote. The candidates do not have opponents, so citizens have no choices. Form of Government: __________________________________dictatorship
  24. 24. SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabia is led by a king. The king appoints a Council of Ministers to help govern, but there are no elections. Saudi Arabia’s Basic Law states that the country’s constitution is the Islamic holy book the Qur’an and other religious traditions. Forms of Government: __________________________________ and __________________________________ monarchy theocracy
  25. 25. DENMARK The people of Denmark elect representatives to sit in Parliament, a lawmaking body. The Queen of Denmark heads the country, but she only has a small role in government. The government is led by a Prime Minister, who is appointed from among the elected representatives. Forms of Government: __________________________________ and __________________________________ monarchy representative democracy
  26. 26. BRAZIL Brazil is led by a president who is elected by the citizens. Citizens in Brazil elect a new president every four years. Citizens also elect representatives to serve in two different legislative bodies. Form of Government: __________________________________representative democracy
  27. 27. ACTIVITY B True or False?
  28. 28. 1. A monarchy can be like a dictatorship or it can be part of a democracy.  True  False Example or Reason: 2. A dictatorship can also be a democracy.  True  False Example or Reason: 3. A democracy can have both representative and direct characteristics at the same time.  True  False Example or Reason: 4. An oligarchy can include representative democracy.  True  False Example or Reason: 5. A government can be both a monarchy and an anarchy at the same time.  True  False Example or Reason: 6. Theocracy can co-exist with monarchy.  True  False Example or Reason: 7. Theocracy can co-exist with democracy.  True  False Example or Reason: 8. An oligarchy can be like a dictatorship.  True  False Example or Reason: True or False?True or False?  Denmark / Saudi Arabia  Citizens get no say in a dictatorship  Switzerland  In South Africa, some got to vote  Monarchy and anarchy are opposites!  Saudi Arabia  In Iran, citizens vote  Under a junta, citizens often have few rights
  29. 29. ACTIVITY C Vocabulary Crossword
  30. 30. Across 3. Type of democracy where citizens elect leaders to represent them in government 7. A small group that rules a country after taking it over by force 9. One person has all the power 10. Type of democracy where citizens are involved in day-to- day government Down 1. Recognizes God as the ultimate authority in government and law 2. One leader has absolute control over citizens’ lives 4. Citizens hold the political power 5. A small group of people has all the power 6. People are not subject to any nation or government 8. A king or queen rules the country Vocabulary CrosswordVocabulary Crossword RR EE PP RR EE SS EE NN TT AA TT II VV EE DD TT HH OO CC RR AA CC YYRR OO CC TT AA TT SS DD II PP RR EE CC TT LL OO JJ UU NN AA TT MMGG II HH HH CC RR AA CC RR AA NN OO YY HH CC RR AA OO RR YY HH CC YY CC RR AA CC YY UU TT DD EE MM OO