New 2.0 Features


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The new 2.0 Version will have new features that will blow your mind! Whether you own a company you wish to advertise or just use TheList to get around the new features will make your experience even better and your life more convenient!!

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New 2.0 Features

  1. 1. About Us | MissionTheList app is introducing a new breed of advertising channelfor U.S. nightlife/entertainment venues utilizing the latest tech-nology: mobile application for iPhone, iPad, Android phonesand tablets.T h eLis t will featur e a comp lete catalog of U.S. nig htlife/entertainment venues and a “Live Feed” of all current eventstha t is o c c ur r ing ins t a nt ly updated by the venues themselves.By covering everything from events, promotions, celebritysightings and last m i n u t e d e a l s i n r e a l - t i m e u p d a t e s , T h e L i s ts e e k s t o become THE source for entertainment in the U.S.All of these features will be available in the palm of your h a n dd i s p l a y e d i n a n i n n o v a t i v e d e s i g n t h a t i s b o t h convenientand user- friendly. Simplicity and instant access to currentinformation is the key to the success of TheList.
  2. 2. FeaturesFor Users:• Complete listing with business names, addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, price, websites & directions.• Exclusive “Live Feed” – Real-time updates of events, promo- tions, news, last minute deals and even celebrity sightings from all participating venues. Plus, view videos and pics taken minutes before upload so you can see what’s happening now.• GPS to locate you and Google map to locate your destination and get you there.• Search for specific venue or find what’s nearby your current location.• Simple 1-click connects you to the venues for reservations and information.• Get text message alerts of events and deals from only your favorite destinations using our filtering software.• View videos from your favorite venues or listen to music from local DJ’s and Artists.• Share information through facebook, twitter, sms or email.• You can also invite your friends and check-in to your favorite venues.
  3. 3. FeaturesFor Venues:• Ability to showcase your venue to a focused group of captive audience instead of the general public. Direct target market!• Able to instantly update/notify the users of current happenings at your venue with one broadcast on our exclusive Live Feed.• Users can call or sms directly from your post to make reserva- tions or obtain more information.• Ability to feature your venue with interior pictures, event flyers, menus, videos, etc.• No deadlines. No printing cost. Go Green!• Update your content anytime! After submission, we’ll have it updated within 24 hours.• Significantly cheaper than other forms of advertising.• Visually appealing presentation for your venue in the palm of your customer’s hands.
  4. 4. BenefitsFor Users:• TheList will not only provide a complete list of all nightlife/ entertainment venues in your city but a guaranteed way to be “in the know” instantly as the event is happening and to save you money.• Free to download and use. TheList app is completely free! Not a trial or lite version.For Venues:• TheList will provide an opportunity to interact with a market that can not be achieved through other forms of traditional market- ing. It offers the venues a similar type of marketing that a street team offers and the ability to get their event information out to the public in real-time - outside of traditional billboards, maga- zines, and websites.• The main attraction of this application for the venues is that their advertising dollars will be solely focused on their target customers – the nightlife goers and show attendees. Whereas the advertising on billboards, buses, taxis and periodicals are open for general public consumption, EVERYBODY who see and downloads TheList app are already wanting and interested in actually going to the respective venues.
  5. 5. FactsWhy is this needed?1. Complete listing of all relevant categories2. Live up to date promos & events at all venues3. Go Green!!! Save time, money & paper!iPhone App Data:• Over 400,000 apps• Over 10 billion downloads• Over 50 million iPhone App Store customers• More than 50% make at least $100k/year• 93 percent of iPhone owners have added an application to their phone• 65% of downloads are free appsAndroid App Data:• Over 200,000 apps• Over 3.5 billion downloads• Over 175 phone models running Android• Over 200,000 daily activation• 90% of downloads are free apps
  6. 6. FactsProblem:• Need to bring more people to the venues• Can’t reach customers in real-time to promoteSolution:• Unlike all other forms of advertisement, TheList allows real-time updates of current events and deals that reach a very specific group of captive audience. Currently, no other software, web- sites or applications allow the advertisers to achieve this level of instantaneous dissemination of information.Reasons the users would download the application:• Free.• Nothing else like it on the market.• Instantaneous broadcast of current happenings and deals from advertisers to all downloaders. (events, promotions, deals, celebrity sightings and more in real-time)• Able to purchase special deals and savings (VIP guest list, bottle service, etc)• Free access to personal concierge services (whenever and whatever)
  7. 7. Market StrategyMarketing strategies:TheList will be advertised using all the traditional methodsof advertisement such as billboards, print ads and streetteam as well as the most technologically current andunique methods such as social medias (Facebook, Twitter,M y S pa c e , etc). We will also b e having a launch p ar ty andweekly in dustr y nig ht events at var ious venues. • Street team • Billboards • Publications • Launch events • Endorsements • Radio/TV spots • Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace & Twitter • Websites
  8. 8. Future Product & ServicesKaos Media will develop more innovative applications that arerelated to TheList brand in the near future. Currently, the iPadversion of TheList is in development with more features andcontent including articles, videos, music and social networkingfor both users and venues.TheList is the only application in the world that is solely usedfor interactive advertising and listing dedicated to individualcities but still linked to one another through a single phone app.TheList app has the unique ability to be adapted to every majorcity in the World, which is Kaos Media’s future plan for growth.Any locations/cities that have significant nightlife/entertainmentpresence will be open for future investments for TheList includinginternational locations.In USA alone, there are over 2,000,000 nightlife/entertainmentvenues which can be considered potential customers. Theyinclude NYC, LA, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Dallas, SanDiego, Memphis, Boston, Seattle etc. Furthermore, if theapplication is successful, rest of the world including Europe andAsia is an option.
  9. 9. Future Product & ServicesTheList iPadTheList iPad version will include all the features from the iPhone appplus, more features and content.TheList iPad features:• Complete listings of all entertainment venues in hi-resolution retina display with video & music.• Exclusive live feed (patent pending) – real-time updates of events, promotions, deals etc.• News, gossip, articles and what’s hot in nightlife, entertainment, fashion, food& drink, sports, and shows.• All content in full screen with interactive video, music & effects.• Real-time news through our “News Feed” with push notification.• Social networking for both venues & users• Completely free to download
  10. 10. Company Info KAOSME DIA , LLC4290 Camer on Str eet, Suite 2 Las Veg as, NV 89103 Phone: 702.823.4301 Fax : 702.548.7664 www.thelistwor ld wid