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Qt introduction


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Qt introduction

  1. 1. Desktop programming using Qt Presented by: Ahmed Toulan
  2. 2. What is Qt?  Qt, pronounced ''cute” is a cross-platform C++ framework.  It tries to solve problems in cross-platform development using C++.  It was developed by a company called Trolltech.  Currently it's owned by Nokia.
  3. 3. Idea behind Qt  C++ was built in 1979 with the name ''C with classes” and renamed to C++ in 1983.  The first standard for C++ was made 1998.  So literaly everyone had his own version of C++ before that time!  Libraries like ''Standard librarby” and ”Standard template library” tried to solve code portability problems.  By portability here we mean that the code can compile on different compilers/platforms.
  4. 4. More problems ...  There were some stuff that weren't addressed by the standard.  These stuff included network programming, multithreading, graphical user interface (GUI) ...etc  So we find different API calls for these parts on every different platform.
  5. 5. The alternative (Solution for this mess)  Qt was intended to be a cross-platform GUI library, but it evolved to become more than that.  It currently provides solutions for the aforementioned problems. (Network, multithreading and alot more).  When programming with Qt you'll have the same source tree that can be compiled easy on every supported platform  There is even a cross-platform IDE, developed with Qt :), called Qt-Creator.
  6. 6. Qt history and licensing  Qt development started at 1991.  It was developed for UNIX and Windows.  It was licensed under GPL and commercial license.  Later versions added Mac OSX.  On year 2008 the company was aquired by Nokia.  Finally Nokia re-licensed the library to LGPL.
  7. 7. Modules in Qt  QtCore  QtSql  QtGui  QtSvg  QtMultimedia  QtWebKit  Phonon  QtXml  QtOpenGL  QtNetwork  QtScript
  8. 8. Demos Demos
  9. 9. Example Example
  10. 10. Questions ? Thank you :)