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This slide show is from the NoveList K-8 site and is designed to assist teachers and media specialist with understanding the benefits of using NoveList K-8.

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  1. 1. NoveList K-8 Training
  2. 2. NoveList K-8 has 69,000+ titles that reflect the collections in a typical library. From Beowulf to Christopher Paul Curtis to Mo Willems, we’ve got you covered.
  3. 3. NoveList K-8 Has Books For Readers of All Ages 15,802 Teen Titles (13 – 18 years old) 29,292 Older Kid Titles (9 – 12 years old) 24,157 Younger Kid Titles (up to 8 years old)
  4. 4. NoveList K-8 has Over 36,000 Subject Headings Genres Topics and Themes Mysteries and even sub- Adventure Stories genres such as boy Realistic Fiction detectives Survival Characters Identified By… Name, Gender, Ethnicity/Nationality, Age, Occupation, Relationship African-American Teenagers Vampires Teachers Clementine
  5. 5. NoveList K-8 has Over 36,000 Subject Headings Time Periods Locations Historical Events Southwest World War II South Africa Twentieth Century South Carolina Civil War Southern States Series Alex Rider Percy Jackson and the Olympians Sammy Keyes
  6. 6. Here are some of the robust features you’ll find in NoveList K-8: Author Biographies Book Award Discussion BookTalks Winners Guides Recommended Reads
  7. 7. Here are some of the robust features you’ll find in NoveList K-8: Working with Kids BookTalks Curricular Connections Picture Book Extenders Grab and Go Book Lists
  8. 8. The Home Page
  9. 9. Getting to Know the Home Page The Find Bar Single Search bar allows you to do searches like: Find a Favorite Author Title Series Title Describe a Plot You can also limit searches by level. The Browse Panel All of the customized feature content in NoveList K-8 is grouped by audience and right here at your fingertips. For more information about the different types of content, click on found at the top right corner of the panel.
  10. 10. Getting to Know the Home Page My NoveList Tour NoveList Links you to a short video tour of NoveList K-8, designed to assist you in learning how to navigate NoveList K-8. This tour covers the basic features of the database. This link also contains a Quick Start Guide, PowerPoint, and Help Sheets. My Folders & Alerts Quickly access your folder and alerts. About NoveList Find out more about the NoveList K-8 product as well as Spotlight the NoveList staff and contributors. Highlights key content and informs you of any enhancements or updates to the NoveList Newsletters: product. Sign up for one of our three newsletters, such as School News which is filled with NoveList practical advice, professional resources, best practices and more all geared toward those who work with children.
  11. 11. Searching
  12. 12. Basic Search – Author Search A reader asks you for a list of a specific author’s works – what do you do? Use the Find Box for quick results. Let’s try a search for Jane Yolen. Simply type jane yolen in the Find Box and click Go. This is a keyword search for “jane” and “yolen.” NoveList K-8’s Relevancy ranking will bring Yolen’s titles to the top of your Result List.
  13. 13. Basic Search – Author Search Results You get a robust Results List with a variety of tabs indicating where Jane Yolen is referenced. Here’s a closer look at a brief record NoveList Best indicates that a book has been selected for any of our feature content or is an award winner. The Brief Record contains a book jacket, annotation, links to reviews, a link to your library catalog and other helpful information. If you don’t have linking to your catalog, contact
  14. 14. Basic Search – Author Search Results Clicking on the title in the Brief Record will take you to the Title Record The Title Record contains rich data like Author Information Pseudonyms Subject Headings Reviews (found at the bottom of the screen), links to Find Similar Books and All Books by the author.
  15. 15. Basic Search – Author Search Results Remember all those tabs on the Result screen? Let’s take a closer look at a few. Author Award Winners Grab and Go Book Biographies Contains any award Lists Recommended Series Access a biography of lists that include Contains lists of in-print Reads Shows all the Series Jane Yolen. We have Jane Yolen titles, on a variety of Contains lists of titles by Jane Yolen biographies for about curriculum-related on a wide variety of 150 authors. subjects, that include genres/topics, great for Jane Yolen. recreational reading, that include Jane Yolen.
  16. 16. Basic Search – Author Search In addition to the All Titles by this Author link from the title record, you can select the Author button from the Search box and enter the author’s name in the Find box. The search will be limited to only the author field for the name you entered. Results from a search without Results from a search with the the Author button selected Author button selected
  17. 17. Basic Search – Title Search A reader asks you for specific information about a particular title or wants to find more books like a particular title – what do you do? Use the Find Box for quick results. Let’s try a search for City of Ember. Simply type city of ember in the Find Box and click Go.
  18. 18. Basic Search – Title Search Results Once again, you get a robust Results List. Clicking on City of Ember takes you to the Title Record. Notice that this record Within the Brief Record you’ll find includes sections like: links such as First Chapters and Author Information Table of Contents. Subject Headings (NoveList K-8 contains 3,000 First Chapters) Find Similar Books
  19. 19. Basic Search – Title Search Results Clicking on Find Similar Books takes you a separate screen that allows you to find books based on similar aspects.
  20. 20. Basic Search – Title Search Results For example, when looking for books similar to City of Ember, your reader might be most interested in Dystopia and Survival stories on the Teens reading level. This selection would give you results like these
  21. 21. Basic Search – Title Search ● Additional Title Search Tips • If the title is a one word title or has a lot of common words, enter the title with the author. For example, if you’re looking for Little Brother by Cory Doctorow enter “little brother Doctorow” for better results. • If you cannot remember the author and need to make sure that only the title field is being searched, select the Title button (next to Search) and type your title in the Find box. Doing this ensures that NoveList will search only titles.
  22. 22. Basic Search – Series Search A reader asks you for the latest in the Heartland series – what do you do? Use the Find Box for quick results. Let’s try a search for the Heartland series. Simply type heartland in the Find Box and click Go.
  23. 23. Basic Search – Series Search Results You can access the complete Heartland series by either selecting the Series tab at the top of the Results List, or by clicking on the Heartland link in the Brief Record
  24. 24. Basic Search – Printing Series Search Results If your reader wants a copy of the series to take with them, simply click on the Print link. At the Print Manager select Detail Citation and Abstract from the Standard Field Format field. Click the Print button for a printer-friendly version of your list in reading order.
  25. 25. Basic Search – Describe a Plot Search A reader asks you where to find the book they are looking for but can only remember that it’s about a boy and a girl that travel through time – what do you do? Use the Find Box for quick results. Simply type time travel boy girl in the Find Box, select Describe a Plot, then select Older Kids, and click Go.
  26. 26. Basic Search – Describe a Plot Results There are over 200 results for books and several feature content tabs that fit this search criteria.
  27. 27. Basic Search – Describe a Plot Results At the Results List screen you can use the Sort by drop-down box to sort your list by Popularity as well as Relevance, Author, Title, Date Descending, Date Ascending, and Volume You can also narrow your results by subject. Narrow Results by pulls the subject headings that appear the most for the titles in your list.
  28. 28. Basic Search – Describe a Plot Search A teacher asks you to find books on the Civil War to complement a lesson – what do you do? Use the Find Box for quick results. Simply type Civil War in the Find Box, select Describe a Plot, and click Go.
  29. 29. Basic Search – Describe a Plot Results There are over 500 results for books. The feature content tabs will help you find professionally prepared materials on the topic.
  30. 30. Getting to Know the Advanced Search Screen Enter your search terms in the Find Box. Select the Document Types that you want. If you want to find results for all document types be sure they are all checked. If you want only specific document types check only the type that you want. For information about the different document types, see the About Our Articles and Lists Choose a Field from the Select a Field drop- page, under the Browsing section of Help. down box (note that this is optional).
  31. 31. Getting to Know the Advanced Search Screen Reading Level Limit Your Results Adults (19 and up), Teens (13-18), Older Kids (9-12), Younger Kids (birth to 8) Grade Level Range from “Babies/Toddlers" to "Adult." Lexile Reading Level Choose from preset Lexile ranges. Lexile Range Search Enter a Lexile rating in this field. Publication Year Enter a range of publication years in the boxes. Number of Pages Limit book results to a number of pages, or more/less than the number entered. Author's Gender Limit your search to Male, Female, or All authors. Author's Nationality The name of the country (or countries) where the author claims nationality, lives now, and/or has lived for a significant time. Author's Cultural Identity Identification with, or membership in, a particular ethnic, cultural, or national group, sharing language and customs. Review Available This option will search only titles that include one or more reviews. Award Winner This option will search only titles that have won awards. Dewey Range Search Use this limiter to search for books with an assigned Dewey number in the ranges specified. NoveList Best Limit your search to titles that are referred to in NoveList feature content, award winners, and titles that have received starred reviews.
  32. 32. Performing an Advanced Search For example, a teen reader is looking for titles that have a Lexile score between 300 and 500. You can search using just the limiters, without entering a search term. From the Reading Level limiter select Teens and from the Lexile Reading Level limiter select 300-500.
  33. 33. Performing an Advanced Search There are over 80 titles that have Lexile scores between 300 and 500 and are geared towards teen readers. You can now sort your list by Popularity or Date Descending. To learn more about the Advanced Search, sign up for one of our Advanced Search training sessions at
  34. 34. Additional Help
  35. 35. Need Help? We’ve got support! Access our complete online Help by clicking the Help link from any screen in NoveList K-8. And you can always send us your questions or concerns via the Send Feedback link.
  36. 36. Need Help? We’ve got support! Don’t Forget! Tour NoveList to access: NoveList K-8 Video Tour Quick Start Guide Help Sheets With new training materials added regularly!
  37. 37. What you do every day makes a difference in peoples’ lives and we thank you for letting us be a part of your work. Please feel free to contact us using the Send Feedback link if you have any questions!
  38. 38. Be sure to visit us at