PowerPoint Slides for Core Competencies


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PowerPoint Slides for Core Competencies

  1. 1. Web 2 Point Ohhhhh!:Moving from CoreCompetencies toTechnology Training toInfinity (and Beyond!)Beth DuttlingerLillie M. Evans Library District
  2. 2. Today1. Core/Tech Competencies2. Technologies to Streamline Library Tasks3. Tech Training Resources
  3. 3. Core Competencies: What, Whyand How
  4. 4. DefinitionCore competencies identify the knowledge &skills needed by library employees to providesuperior services.  Can be broad to identify key aspects  Can be more specific to positions
  5. 5. Broadhttp://www.olc.org/CoreCompetencies.asp
  6. 6. SpecificCore Competencies April 2009
  7. 7. Whats the big deal? Orientation Continuing Ed Job Descriptions Recruitment Interviewing Performance Evaluations
  8. 8. Other Comments about CCs Blueprint Tool Commonalities Building Block for Learning Organizations Staff as an Asset Defined Standards of Excellence
  9. 9. The Four Employee Questions What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to do it? How am I doing? What else can I do?
  10. 10. WIIFM and WIIFML Microview Macroview
  11. 11. Orientation Standardize Checklist
  12. 12. CE Periodic review Staff inputhttp://corecompetencies.wikispaces.com/
  13. 13. Job description Identify tasks necessary Abilities needed
  14. 14. Recruitment Write ads Define and articulate skill sets for search team
  15. 15. Interviewing Can assist hiring supervisors and search committees to determine which candidates meet or show potential to develop a particular competency. Question examples
  16. 16. General-Customer ServiceAs a library assistant, how do you ensure that you are providing good service?
  17. 17. Computer/TechnologyDescribe a time you solved a problem using technology.
  18. 18. Information Literacy/ReferenceGive an example of a time you weren’t sure what a patron wanted. How did you handle the situation?
  19. 19. Integrated Library SystemHave you ever had to orient another employee on the library’s circulation system? How did you do it or how would you go about doing it?
  20. 20. Evaluations Document special achievements Set realistic goals Improve performance
  21. 21. How to adapt• Develop an understanding of core competencies.• Review the mission/goals & strategic plan.• Develop a list of potential core competencies.• Identify relationships and cluster related skills together.• Work with director & staff to incorporate at your library.• Review periodically and consider options for improvement.
  22. 22. Resourcesdelicious.com/thelibrarian/core_competencies Ohio Public Library Core Competencies WebJunction - Library Staff Competency Collection technologytrainingwheels.pbworks.com / 23 PLCMC core competencies wiki
  23. 23. Review questions
  24. 24. Small Group WorkDivide by departmentReview each category of CC handout:1. What competencies you would delete (ormove to Core II)?2. What competencies would you revise?3. What competencies would you add?Reassemble and discuss