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Bizzy Lizzy Bakery


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2009 FSEP Conference

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Bizzy Lizzy Bakery

  1. 1. Bizzy Lizzy Bakery Gourmet Flourless Cookies
  2. 2. Benefits: High Fiber High Protein 16-Grams of Whole Grain Oats Good Carbohydrates Good Fats Pureed Raisins No Trans Fats Flax Seed
  3. 3. The Process • The Problem • The Idea • Recipe Development • Testing the Market • Business Plan • Kitchen Remodel • Package, Box, Repackage • Marketing Strategies Store Evaluation Website Advertising Events
  4. 4. The story of the recipe-
  5. 5. The idea of going flourless
  6. 6. Recipe Evaluation MSU Product Center Evaluated by FDA regulator Hours reading regulations
  7. 7. First Sales Farmers Market Internet
  8. 8. Business Plan MSU EXTENSION – Mike Score worked to help us complete the plan. • investment • time frames Michigan Extension, Small Business Administration, Michigan State Product Center
  9. 9. Setting Up Shop Rules and Regulations City – building permits and zoning laws State – Department of Agriculture Federal Labeling Laws Print size, pictures, words used, claims made
  10. 10. Where to bake? Church Kitchen Shared space - incubator Rent Build Remodel
  11. 11. Packaging probably the most frustrating part of the process and most expensive.
  12. 12. Plastic Poly’ Box Back to Poly
  13. 13. Lizzy Or NOT
  14. 14. Store Evaluation Asking Opinion Price Packaging Distribution Attributes
  15. 15. Website Design your own Designed for you
  16. 16. Advertising
  17. 17. Events Cost – Return Time – Money Long Term Return