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The Rise Of The Cosplay Economy


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The Rise of The Cosplay Economy Presentation by Lawrence Brenner, presented at Anime Expo 2013.

The Rise Of The Cosplay Economy

  1. 1. Fan creativity for fun and profit By Lawrence Brenner 2013 Edition
  2. 2.  Hi I am Lawrence Brenner  You may have seen my work in these places:
  3. 3. Scan the QR to like my page
  4. 4.  Prints  Products  Commissions  Cosplay Interest Products  Services  Content Providers  Corporate Sponsors!
  5. 5.  Who has bought a cosplay print?  Who has prints of themselves for sale?  It is easier than ever to make, obtain, and sell prints.  Storenvy, Etsy, the exhibitor hall, all places to buy them.  Who has brought an art print based on a cosplayer?
  6. 6.  These can also very quite a bit  Mousepads  Calendars  Phone cases  Collectible Cards  And many more things  What have you seen?
  7. 7.  People buy and sell costume parts  Patterns  Whole costumes  Custom made orders  What do you have commissioned?
  8. 8. • Jessica Nigri • Nadyasonika • Yaya Han Artists pay cosplayers to be models for them for comics, prints, etc. Artist Jon Hughes with prints based on cosplayers (above)
  9. 9.  Wigs  Rave gear (which is cosplay itself)  Hats and other clothing  Cosplay QR  Audience suggestions?
  10. 10.  Arda Wigs  Epic Cosplay There are others as well, but you can get the high quality wigs here at AX in the exhibit hall.
  11. 11.  Rave Gear and Adaptions is a form of cosplay  Rave Gijinka With Sharece of Cerberus Productions
  12. 12.  Full Costumes  Accessories Cyberfalls, fluffies, etc Is a leader in cyberfalls Started by cosplayer and raver Yuffiebunny (above)It’s Raining Neon (above)
  13. 13.  Using their skills in cosplay business arise to create more versions of characters and products with various materials. Athena’s Wink (left) and Vengeance Designs (above) with Prehistoric Dance creations and Chexy
  14. 14.  Removable and restickable QR codes to increase fan connection at conventions and other events. Shown here with KO Cosplay
  15. 15.  From the printers  To the photographers and videographers  To the platforms (PayPal, Etsy, eBay)  To The Conventions (Artist Alley, Exhibitor)  And Outside convention events  All services that benefit from cosplayers
  16. 16.  Various websites help provide content to cosplayers and for people with cosplay interests  These vary in content as you can imagine.  American Cosplay Paradise helps companies connect them to cosplayers for events.
  17. 17. All companies partnering with ACP to provide cosplayers for their events at AX.
  18. 18.  Cosplay Deviants  Geek Goddesses  These websites among others provide adult entertainment and erotic art featuring cosplayers.
  19. 19.  Companies hire cosplayers to promote their products  The sponsorship can vary, but it has and does happen.  Crunchyroll has a program.  Led by Sailor Bee
  20. 20.  Larger publishers commission certain cosplayers to be their spokespeople.  As time goes on more cosplayers will be employed by companies.  How many are sponsored here at AX?  There are many.  How many official events and outside events this weekend have well-known cosplayers as headliners/guests/etc?
  21. 21.  Questions?  Comments?
  22. 22.  In order of appearance (pictures taken by me):  Rising Moon Cosplay as Nico Robin  Jon Hughes  Sharece of Cerberus Productions (with friends)  It’s Raining Neon  Yuffiebunny
  23. 23.  Athena’s Wink  Prehistoric Dance creations  Ch3xy  KO Cosplay  Sailorbee