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Ms. He's Tissue and organ system


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Published in: Education
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Ms. He's Tissue and organ system

  1. 1. Agenda November 15, 2012• Take-up Quiz• Levels of Structural Organization• Lesson: 4 Types of Animal Tissue – worksheet• Activity: Organs & Organ Systems – handout• HW: Stem cell Ethical issues
  2. 2. Levels of Structural Organization
  3. 3. TISSUESAnimal Tissues
  4. 4. Tissue • A collection of similar cells that perform a specialized function • 4 major types:
  5. 5. Tissue Types
  6. 6. Epithelial Tissue• Thin sheets of tightly packed cells lining organs• Example: skin, lining of capillaries and digestive tract• Function: – Prevent dehydration – Reduce friction
  7. 7. Types of Epithelial Tissue
  8. 8. Connective Tissue• Function: structural support, insulation• Example: bone, cartilage, fat, blood• Cells are held together by a liquid / solid / gel matrix
  9. 9. Types of Connective Tissue
  10. 10. Muscle Tissue• Bundles of long cells• Capable of shortening or contracting• Function: movement• Examples: heart muscles, skeletal muscles, intercostal muscles of the digestive tract
  11. 11. • Neurons that interact with each other• Conduct electrical impulses• Communicates within the body• Example: brain
  13. 13. Activity: OrganStep 1 – Label Organs 1. Draw shape of human body on chart paper 2. Draw & Label as many ORGANS as possible inside the human body. • Discuss within your group, -Where does each organ go within our body? -What is the main function of each organ? 3. Check your diagram to your teacherStep 2 – Charades1.Silently act out the function of your assigned organ *You can use analog to describe the function (ex. The Brain is the controlling center for all other organs, it will be the rule of principle in school community. Act out the rule of principle.)2.Class will guess your organ with explanation
  14. 14. Activity: Organ SystemStep 3 – Organ Systems 1. On your human body diagram, connect organs that are responsible for each of the organ system. -Using organ system handout as reference