Fishing in bardia National Park, Nepal


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Bardia National Park is one of the best fishing spot in Nepal,, where there are two option for fishing, one Karnali river and the second Babai river,, both are inside Bardia National Park.

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  • Bardia Jungle Cottage
  • Fishing in bardia National Park, Nepal

    1. 1. Fishing in Bardia National Park Join with us for fishing trip in Bardia National Park Your Adventure Journey to West Nepal Bardia Jungle Cottage Next to Bardia National Park Nepal We support BBAS Memorial School If you willing to stay longer, there is opportunity to volunteer at BBAS School,join and share your own experience with our students. For more info please visit BBAS blog. Thanks
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    3. 3. Fishing in Karnali River, ( Golden Mahasheer (King of Fish), 12 kgs)
    4. 4. Golden Mahasheer
    5. 5. Holding a Golden Mahasheer, what an Awesome Catch in Bardia
    6. 6. Fishing in Babai River in Bardia National Park
    7. 7. Was Satisfying catch, Golden Mahasheer in Babai River, Bardia National Park
    8. 8. Throwing hooks, hope can have a good catch
    9. 9. Oh yes, here we go, good catch of Golden Mahasheer
    10. 10. Holding a Golden Mahasheer in Bardia National Park
    11. 11. Holding a Golden MahasheerKarnalai and Babai rivers are best for fishing in Bardia National Park For more info please ask us
    12. 12. Golden Mahasheer
    13. 13. Wow Golden Mahasheer,
    14. 14. With Golden Mahasheer, All the other photos are from 2011, 2012 and 2013 except this one
    15. 15. Releasing Golden Mahasheer into river again
    16. 16. Fishing trip with Rafting either in Karnali river or Babai River
    17. 17. Additional ActivitiesActivities we organize •Trekking in Nepal•Wildlife Safari •White water Rafting•Elephant Safari •Khaptad Trek•Fishing trip •Volunteering in Nepal•Bird Watching•Jeep Safari•Village tour Other Services•Cultural Tour•Visit to Black Buck •Air/Bus ticketingSanctuary •Hotel Reservation•Visit to elephant camp •Vehicle hire•Mini Trek •Free information Holding with innocent excite, a Golden Mahasheer For more info please visit our link
    18. 18. Fly Fish, A golden Mahasheer
    19. 19. Fishing with Rafting, and Camping either in Karnali river or Babai River