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Introducing.... The Key is E


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The Key is E is a new charity committed to improving the lives of children in Africa. We believe the best way to do this is through social Entrepreneurship. Click to find out more!

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Introducing.... The Key is E

  1. 1. We’re committed to improving the lives of children in Africa & believe the best way to do it is through social business.
  2. 2. Social entrepreneurs hold a master key. The more successful & sustainable their businesses become, the greater the positive impact on their communities.
  3. 3. Keeping children at the core of all we do, we provide a set of four keys for social entrepreneurs to unlock Africa’s true potential.
  4. 4. Entrepreneurship promotes creativity, simultaneously educating & empowering. It secures a path out of poverty by creating employment & economic prosperity.
  5. 5. Education enriches people’s understanding of themselves & the world. It is fundamental to improving quality of life & unlocks broad social benefits for the next generation.
  6. 6. Engagement opens doors through knowledge sharing & connectivity. Collaboration promotes interdependence & inspires confidence, creating a global support network.
  7. 7. Empowerment encourages leadership from the grassroots up. It locks out corruption & creates the resilience to secure a peaceful, sustainable future.
  8. 8. While some try one of these keys in isolation, we believe all four are essential to unlock Africa’s long-term potential.
  9. 9. Our master key programme is cut to the needs of African entrepreneurs that focus on improving the lives of children. Candidates are vetted by an expert team of locksmiths.
  10. 10. The top 30 will be interviewed by our diverse board of trustees. Of those, 15 will be selected to attend a week-long boot camp, based around 5 custom-designed modules.
  11. 11. The five most compelling entrepreneurs will join a six-month accelerator programme, keyed to their individual needs.
  12. 12. As the entrepreneurs reach key milestones (supported by a coach & international mentors), they will unlock grants to further grow their business & social impact.
  13. 13. As part of the programme, the entrepreneurs commit to return to their communities & use their set of keys to unlock the talent of the next generation.
  14. 14. Our mission is to create a virtuous circle, which is inclusive, expansive & sustainable. Unlocking the potential of one entrepreneur will unlock the potential of hundreds.
  15. 15. By linking community & school outreach in Africa with enterprise empowerment, The Key is Exponential.