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Kevin Xu: How to Build a Better Team Bond as a Manager


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Kevin Xu explains the importance of leadership in the workplace and why building a strong team bond is vital for both employee and company success.

Published in: Business
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Kevin Xu: How to Build a Better Team Bond as a Manager

  1. 1. H O W TO B U I L D A B E T T E R T E A M B O N D A S A M A N A G E R K E V I N X U
  2. 2. • As a manager, recruiting talent is a whole task in itself, especially for a small business. • But once you’ve assembled a solid group, getting these creative minds and dedicated personalities to work cohesively requires some nurturing as well.
  3. 3. • Some employees of yours may not be as social as others in the workplace, while others have schedules that just don’t coincide with the daily agenda of the majority.
  4. 4. • To establish a more productive an environment, implement a few practices or activities that will push your team towards creating a better bond.
  5. 5. C O M PA N Y O U T I N G S • Team-building activities are perfect for getting employees to work together and they prove effective in allowing individuals get to know one another better. • Although not everyone is comfortable in these types of settings so making your company outings a social event can be much more relaxing.
  6. 6. • Consider taking team lunches to take an hour out of the day and talk about non- work related matters. • Startups with sales driven initiatives may offer company happy hours periodically if goals are met.
  7. 7. E N C O U R A G E R E L AT I O N S H I P S & T R U S T • Many office places are often strained by the pressing demand to meet deliverables, so much that they’re void of the human aspect. • Efficiency comes first, but in route to creating a more productive team, building the camaraderie aspect is a major proponent of that.
  8. 8. • As a manager you should encourage working relationships among employees and trust that they can work and still interact at a comfortable level with those around them at the right times.
  9. 9. • Allowing employees to take an extended lunch or an occasional work from home day helps establish trust between co-workers.
  10. 10. M E E T R E G U L A R LY • The best way to understand your employees is to meet with them on a regular basis. • You’ll have to determine how periodically this will happen without disrupting your team’s workflow.
  11. 11. • But whether it’s a monthly one-on-one session or a lunch meeting, keeping communication open allows for a better bond among tiers.
  12. 12. • Solidifying communication lines is a must for managers, but making gains and improvements during these meetings are just as imperative.
  13. 13. • Communicate the goals of your employee’s roles clearly and the goals or purpose of the company entirely — this helps let them know what’s expected. • But meetings also allow for opportunities for feedback and new perspectives can lead to structural improvement.
  14. 14. • Don’t forget to check out Kevin Xu’s article on employee communication here.