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How to Sustain Company Culture with Remote Offices


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Kevin Xu describes how to sustain company culture with remote offices by following three key steps: appreciating employees, perfecting collaboration techniques, and knowing your homebase.

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How to Sustain Company Culture with Remote Offices

  1. 1. H O W T O S U S TA I N C O M PA N Y C U LT U R E W I T H R E M O T E O F F I C E S C R E A T E D B Y K E V I N X U
  2. 2. • Company culture has proven to be one of the deciding factors for new candidates in today’s corporate environment. • But as the industry continues to develop, the rise of freelance roles and remote offices are climbing quickly for both big teams and smaller startups.
  3. 3. • As your business continues to grow, there may be a need to open remote locations. • So, how do you build that culture right way even when there’s miles of distance in between?
  4. 4. A P P R E C I AT E Y O U R E M P L O Y E E S • It’s important to show appreciation towards your employees and communicating their value is important to do early on. • No one wants to put their all into work in an environment where they don’t feel like an integral part.
  5. 5. • Sometimes these luxuries come through perks like company equity or unlimited vacation time. • But businesses also keep their employees happy by providing them with tools and resources to be more successful and productive.
  6. 6. C O L L A B O R AT I O N I S K E Y • Whether it’s on-site or remote, employee collaboration is a huge part of a company’s culture. • Creating open communication internally acts as the whiteboard or meeting rooms for remote teams. • Networks like Slack allow for daily collaboration, in an enjoyable way.
  7. 7. • Slack has become the virtual space for many of businesses across the world. • It invites ways for random, direct conversation, group threads, and separate channels to moderate the discussions.
  8. 8. • Slack as well as other like- services (i.e. Hipchat) increase the person-to- person communication and is great at bringing together bigger groups.
  9. 9. S T U D Y H O M E B A S E • The best way to get familiar with an environment and it’s core is through spending time there.
  10. 10. • Often, when a company knows they have plans of opening another office soon, they make earlier decisions on who will be leading that office. • This allows those leaders to study the culture, the people operations, and other elements that make homebase run smoothly.
  11. 11. • Ultimately, those leaders will put a structure in place at the new locations and do their best to mimic the successful environment that the company embodies.
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