People at work, Employers, Empoyees


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Junior Cert. Business Studies - People at work, Employers, Empoyees Chapter

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People at work, Employers, Empoyees

  1. 1. People at Work
  2. 2. Work Work is defined as any activity which requires effort. E.g. Doing your homework.
  3. 3. Employment Employment is work carried out in return for payment. E.g. Working in a shop or babysitting for neighbours.
  4. 4. Work vs. EmploymentCooking dinner at home Fireman putting out fireWashing the clothes Doctor on callDoing your Homework Chef cooking food in barMowing the Lawn Rooney playing for Man Utd.
  5. 5. Unemployment Many people who want to work for payment are unable to find suitable employment. These people are said to be unemployed
  6. 6. Reasons for Unemployment The recession Some business close down because of the competition from other Irish or foreign firms Improvements in technology Drop in the number of people employed in agriculture in rural areas
  7. 7. Reducing Unemployment Irish people could buy more Irish-produced goods and thereby create more Irish jobs Irish people could start their own business People could work less overtime People who wish could be given the opportunity to job-share
  8. 8. Labour Force The labour force consists of all people who are available to work. The total number of people in Ireland who are available for work.
  9. 9. Labour Force includes: People who are employed People who are unemployed
  10. 10. It does not include: People who are retired People who are still in education Those who do not wish to work outside the home
  11. 11. Government InvolvementHow does the Government helpunemployed people? Unemployment benefit is paid to unemployed people Back-to-work programs are organised by SOLAS.
  12. 12.  Re-training programmes are organised by VECs. Additional Benefits such as medical cards and rent allowance may be available to the unemployed.
  13. 13. Employees vs. Employers Employees: are people who work for others in exchange for payment.
  14. 14.  Employers: are people who hire others to do the work for them in return for payment
  15. 15. Employees Rights and Responsibilities RIGHTS RESPONSIBILITIES Receive Fair Wage  Honest and Trustworthy safe and healthy working  Employee should do a conditions fair day’s work Join a trade union  Be on time for work Receive correct holidays  Respect the property of the employer Treated the same as other employees
  16. 16. Organisation of the WorkplaceOrganisation Structures An organisation structure shows the chain of authority in the firm from the owners right down to the most junior employees.
  18. 18. Types of Jobs and Skills Skills – All employees of the firm will have certain tasks to perform within their department
  19. 19. ProfessionalsSemi-skilled Skills Skilled Unskilled
  20. 20. Services Creative Manual JobsAdministrative Clerical Technical