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I was inspired to create this presentation by a really awesome group of marketing professionals who started talking to me about their experience, and the frustration they've felt when they get pressure to 'do something with the social web'. The idea is to spread the insight that, even if you've panicked in the past, or have ignored social media all together, there are options. You can ask for help.


  1. 1. PANIC
  2. 2. “ Just when it was all making sense, everything had to change.
  3. 3. After an amazing 20 year career, Janet finds herself wondering if things have changed too much.
  4. 4. The ‘Visionary’ begins to think her range of understanding has contracted to the point of obsolescence Range of understanding
  5. 5. Janet understands 3 things...
  6. 6. I need to be on social networks
  7. 7. My customers are already there and are already talking about my brand.
  8. 8. My competition is already there.
  9. 9. Janet believes she should open a Facebook page or a Twitter account; but doesn’t know what to do after that.
  10. 10. Janet is about to PANIC
  11. 11. Before she does, lets examine what has happened.
  12. 12. Like Janet, this fish has grown to be bigger & smarter than many of her peers.
  13. 13. She has no fear of the other smaller fish; in fact she occasionally helps the smaller fish find food.
  14. 14. But all of a sudden, a new fish appears...
  15. 15. Our big fish sees it and is naturally confused and scared.
  16. 16. As many species do, our big fish runs off to find an environment she’s more comfortable in.
  17. 17. Why did this happen?
  18. 18. Many species are neophobic, being afraid of new things. For all our big fish knew, that red fish was out to kill her.
  19. 19. In a way, this happened to Janet.
  20. 20. Janet learned traditional advertising methods during the first 1/2 of her career; then started managing a brand that was focused on exploiting the same media she had experience working with. Production Production Assistant Brand Brand Manager Coordinator Manager Manager
  21. 21. When something new was introduced... Social Media
  22. 22. ... Janet fled to a more comfortable environment. Social Media
  23. 23. ... Janet fled to a more comfortable environment. Outdoor TV Radio Magazine
  24. 24. And we return to Janet about to PANIC.
  25. 25. Just as Janet is about to finish setting up her brands blank Facebook page her keen business sense kicks in...
  26. 26. She knows that she doesn’t understand social networks and social media, but also knows that her experience and knowledge is invaluable to the brand.
  27. 27. Recognizing this, Janet hatches a plan.
  28. 28. Currently, Janet has several assistant brand managers who’ve learned about the brand from her.
  29. 29. She considers making one of these people into the social media brand manager, but...
  30. 30. ... they’ve all had too much experience planning, executing, and managing advertising, packaging & PR.
  31. 31. Her business sense is telling her to find a specialist who can work closely with her, and can focus on social media ?
  32. 32. She finally recruits someone familiar with the brand from the digital ad agency she works with.
  33. 33. Janet is able to remain in a comfortable environment ...
  34. 34. While she leaves the social media responsibilities to the new social media brand manager. Social Media
  35. 35. The moral of the story isn’t that you should transfer responsibility of social media engagement to someone else.
  36. 36. It’s that, you have options. Even if you’ve ignored social networks and social media until now; there are people who understand how to use it properly.
  37. 37. Don’t PANIC