Social Media 101


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A "Cheat Sheet" for those who are new to social media.

These are the social media platforms that people are already probably familiar with, but may not know all of the business applications of the basic platforms.

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Social Media 101

  1. 1. Social Media 101A Social Media Cheat Sheet
  2. 2. Social Media 101: The Ones You Probably Know introduction to some of the most popular social media platforms on the web
  3. 3. AddThis
  4. 4. What is it? Once added, visitors to the website can bookmark an item using a variety of services, such as Facebook, MySpace, Google Bookmarks, and Twitter.
  5. 5. How Can it Help My Business? Provides incredibly in-depth analytics regarding users and web traffic, and it is a very effective way to get customers to share your content through their social media platforms.
  6. 6. Delicious
  7. 7. What is it? Social bookmarking service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. As of December 2010, this site has reported more than 5 million users
  8. 8. How Can it Help My Business? Delicious is not only a great tool for driving up website traffic; it can also be utilized to learn more about customers using some of the research and data mining tools.
  9. 9. eBay
  10. 10. What is it? An online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. It is the largest Person-to- Person shopping site online
  11. 11. How Can it Help My Business? Provides detailed web traffic reports, and it gives businesses another way to sell their products. eBay has been shown to be very effective in the sale of high-end products for businesses.
  12. 12. Facebook
  13. 13. What is it? The single largest social media site in existence with over 800 million active users. Over 85% of college students are currently on Facebook - 60% of which check the site daily.
  14. 14. How Can it Help My Business? Facebook is an excellent starting point for any business interested in social media marketing. Not only does it contain dozens of options for promoting businesses, but it also is integrated with most major social networks.
  15. 15. Foursquare
  16. 16. What is it? Location-based social networking site built for mobile devices. Users can “check-in” and receive points/prizes at various locations. The company reported 10 million users as of 2010.
  17. 17. How Can it Help My Business? Businesses can offer special prizes to people who actively support their organization on foursquare through prizes and promotions. Often times users who “check-in” or write reviews for their location will receive discounts or promotional items.
  18. 18. Google+
  19. 19. What is it? A social media networking and identity site that is being considered by many to be Facebook’s biggest upcoming competitor. Latest estimates predict 18 million active users.
  20. 20. How Can it Help My Business? Google is currently working on adapting profiles for businesses. These profiles are promising to deliver functionality with both Picasa and YouTube.
  21. 21. LinkedIn
  22. 22. What is it? The largest business-related social media containing professional profiles and resumes of over 120 million active users worldwide. Over half of all job-seekers nationwide are users.
  23. 23. How Can it Help My Business? An excellent tool for generating leads, recruiting, and developing businesses. Although it is not as large as Facebook or Twitter, it has an incredibly targeted core group of users.
  24. 24. Myspace
  25. 25. What is it? In 2006 it surpassed Google as the most visited site in the world, but since April of 2008 has had a steady decline in users. Still the top social media site for bands, artists, and producers.
  26. 26. How Can it Help My Business? Myspace provides a highly-targeted and highly-engaged segment of users, and it is a “must have” for any entertainment marketer.
  27. 27. Paypal
  28. 28. What is it? Global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Over 300,000 websites worldwide use at least one of Paypal’s services.
  29. 29. How Can it Help My Business? Excellent alternate to traditional paper transactions for small and medium sized businesses. Paypal also offers exceptional consumer tracking services for subscribers.
  30. 30. Podcast
  31. 31. What is it? Series of digital media files that are released as “episodes” and are often downloaded from some type of web syndication. Podcasts are commonly spread via RSS feeds.
  32. 32. How Can it Help My Business? An excellent addition to any web feed or RSS feed, podcasts allow businesses to share information and express new ideas to customers in a more engaging way.
  33. 33. RSS
  34. 34. What is it? Any type of web feed in which regularly or frequently updated materials (such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video) are published using a pre- determined standard.
  35. 35. How Can it Help My Business? An RSS feed is an essential compliment to microblogs, podcasts, and other social media sites. Customers regularly receive your information, and can organize it easily.
  36. 36. ShareThis
  37. 37. What is it? Widget that lets users share content on the Web with friends via e-mail, AIM, or text message. It also keeps an account of contacts so users can send information with favorite links to friends.
  38. 38. How Can it Help My Business? Much like the “AddThis” widget, it can provide businesses an opportunity to track and identify customers while providing them an opportunity to spread your information much easier.
  39. 39. Skype
  40. 40. What is it? Software application that allows users to make voice and video calls online. The software is used by students, families, and professionals across the world (often for free).
  41. 41. How Can it Help My Business? Skype has a variety of services in addition to video chatting that include instant messaging, file transfer, and videoconferencing that can help your business communicate internally and externally for free.
  42. 42. Twitter
  43. 43. What is it? Social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read text posts of up to 140 characters, informally known as "tweets". It has over 100 million users worldwide.
  44. 44. How Can it Help My Business? It can readily integrate with most other social media sites allowing businesses to update multiple social media sites from a single site. There are also some wonderful listening tools that can be integrated with Twitter.
  45. 45. Wikipedia
  46. 46. What is it? Free online encyclopedia written and edited collaboratively by thousands of volunteers around the world. It contains more than 19.8 million articles to date.
  47. 47. How Can it Help My Business? Another very effective way for businesses to manage their brand for free. Businesses should stay active in the Wikipedia community and ensure that their page contains positive and relevant information.
  48. 48. Yelp
  49. 49. What is it? Social networking, user review, and local search site with over 50 million users monthly.
  50. 50. How Can it Help My Business? Yelp can be used to help businesses solicit reviews from clients, promote local events, and even respond to negative reviews written by customers.
  51. 51. YouTube
  52. 52. What is it? With over 120 million videos posted, it is currently the world’s largest video sharing website. It is also the world’s second-largest search engine.
  53. 53. How Can it Help My Business? An excellent tool for creating an intimate connection with customers through informational videos, product demonstrations, and video blogs.