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From SES Training in New York in March ’09. Two hour training seminar covering why a company might blog, how to form a corporate blog strategy, how to create a blogger outreach program and how to pitch.

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SESNY Training Laycock Blogging

  1. 1. Why Does The Conversation Matter? “Every new blog, every new post and every new comment makes it more likely someone will talk about you.”
  2. 2. You can’t ignore blogs…
  3. 3. Don’t let fear hold you back People will talk about you or your company. Will you listen and respond?
  4. 4. Citizen journalism is the new news
  5. 5. The social technographic ladder
  6. 6. The Conversation Happens in Two Places Their Blog Your Blog
  7. 7. Your own blog – Biggest challenge Who will do it? One writer, or many?
  8. 8. A warning about blog marketing
  9. 9. Reasons to blog – Add personality
  10. 10. Reasons to blog – Feedback cycle “One of the most common requests for change from our Customers is to add assigned seating…we do listen intently to our Customers and do our best to give them what they want so it only makes sense to extensively research and evaluate this possibility.”
  11. 11. Reasons to blog – Feedback cycle Roughly 1/3 of comments come from SW Employees Customers change C-level’s minds * 90% against assigned seating They TELL readers they have impacted things…
  12. 12. Reasons to blog – Build community • Based in Finland, popular in U.S. • Losing ground to cheaper alternatives • Scoured blogs, forums for ambassadors • 3 days training, paid for 15 hours of work a week
  13. 13. Reasons to blog – Build community Results? • Branded mentions up 400% • 1,200 members of the community • Conversations save the company money (bad paper) • Sales are up! KEY POINT: Marketing leaves them alone!
  14. 14. Reasons to blog – Emotional investment As with many smaller sheet metal companies, there tends to be quite a bit of sub-contracting that goes on. Obviously, the smaller you are the less facilities you have in-house. And the busier you get, the more sub-contracting out you need to do. Anyway, I’m not going to start babbling about their utter ineptitude as it’s worth an entire blog in itself. But do keep your hand on the proverbial dial in case I ever spill the beans on somebody getting arrested for shot-blasting the wrong bridge in Scotland during the rush hour, or regale you with stories involving classic cars having their roof nearly ripped off due to positioning said car with a forklift truck’s forks through the windows so painting the thing would be a bit easier.
  15. 15. Reasons to blog – Emotionally invest Gross revenue has TRIPLED 30%-40% of income from blog leads 50,000 unique visitors a month From 3 to 5 employees – seeking bigger location
  16. 16. Reasons to blog – Educate Gain credibility in your field by becoming a resource…
  17. 17. Reasons to blog – The Press
  18. 18. Reasons to blog – Bolster your brand
  19. 19. Reasons to blog – Create demand Young (40), savvy and travels the world. Reaching and educating a whole new audience… The “rock star” of bespoke tailors.
  20. 20. Reasons to blog – Sell products
  21. 21. 5 Things to know before you blog How to How to How to Basic Basic Write Engage Focus SEO PR
  22. 22. How not to blog…Don’t fake it Blog gets pulled, Zipatoni gets Of course Charlie is really Sony negative press, Zipatoni, a self-proclaimedterrible looks viral marketing firm. Charlie has a PSP. Jeremy doesn’t. Charlie wants to help.
  23. 23. How not to blog – throw away the mirror Almost no comments…people just don’t care.
  24. 24. How not to blog…with thin skin
  25. 25. How not to blog…sporadically Don’t rest on your laurels…
  26. 26. Boosting your blog – Ask questions Let your readers add to the content…
  27. 27. Boosting your blog – Use pictures
  28. 28. Get their attention – Good headlines Use the CopyBlogger formula – Who Else Wants [blank]? – The Secret of [blank] – Little Known Ways to [blank] – Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All – Here is a Method That is Helping [blank] to [blank] – Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem] – Now You Can Have [something desirable] [great circumstance] – [Do something] like [world-class example] – Have a [or] Build a [blank] You Can Be Proud Of – What Everybody Ought to Know About [blank]
  29. 29. Get their attention - Controversy
  30. 30. Get their attention – Give credit
  31. 31. Get their attention – Talk WITH them If they comment, respon d! •Draw people in •Get new content ideas •Spark conversation elsewhere •Give them attention
  32. 32. Get their attention – Go elsewhere Find other blogs and add quality comments to them Comment early to reach readers Comment later to reach author Strong presence or diversified reach?
  33. 33. Get their attention – Share with Neighbors
  34. 34. Get their attention – Blog carnival Exposure to new, but related audiences Multiple bloggers, one topic Great way to get involved with your community
  35. 35. Social Media Launchpoint: Flickr Which Impacts You More? “Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” - Walt Disney
  36. 36. Flickr – An Engaged Community
  37. 37. Flickr – Links that Deliver
  38. 38. So Many Reasons to Love Flickr… Affordable • Email pics • RSS feeds • Comment from phone • $25/yr Pro • One click notifications account • Stats publish to blog • Unlimited storage space Easy Access Spreadable Learn the tools…
  39. 39. Social Media Launch Point: Twitter
  40. 40. Twitter – Create Your Listening Board
  41. 41. The Power of the ReTweet
  42. 42. So Many Reasons to Love Twitter… Easy to get Started • Update by • Instant phone feedback • Free • Update by • Traffic source • Quick setup • Searchable application • Low learning curve Use it Focus Anywhere Groups Learn the ropes… “From Twits to Tweeple” a Five Part Series at Search Engine Guide
  43. 43. Social Media Launch Point: YouTube
  44. 44. YouTube, Great on a Budget “Tom [Dickson] likes to run non-standard things through our blenders in the demo room First out their strength. One dayroughly $100 to test five videos cost I wandered in to the demo room and saw sawdust on the floor. Tom was testing out the blenders again, this time it was a 2 x 2 jammed into the $400 blender to see if he could destroy the blender or the 2 x 2. “ The Today Show, iVillage, Newsweek, Playboy, NY Times -George Write, Marketing Director Online sales quadrupled.
  45. 45. So Many Reasons to Love YouTube… Customize • Tag content • Free hosting • Link from • Cut and paste • Account styles content hosting • Build a • Stats channel • Subscribe Organize Utilize
  46. 46. Social Media Launch Point - Networks
  47. 47. So Many Things to Love about Social Networks Search • Reconnect • Send • Make friends messages • Research • Launch or via friends contacts join groups • Find new contacts Network Communicate
  48. 48. Motivate your readers – Link love Links are the currency of the web…
  49. 49. Connect with the community – blog roll
  50. 50. Learn Who Influences…Not Who is Popular 8-12 immediate Topical Blogs Who reaches influences people? Forums Email lists Dozens, hundreds Who do people Social networks of secondary trust? How we Where we Who talk hang influences?
  51. 51. Why We Love Blogs - The Value Triangle Blogs & Articles Social Reviews Discussion Forums Search Results Social News Micro blogging
  52. 52. Start your pitch with the right bloggers…
  53. 53. Number one rule of pitching bloggers… Take the time to READ their blog!
  54. 54. How to pitch a blogger Real Respect Language their time Develop a friendship
  55. 55. Pitching Checklist
  56. 56. Follow My List…Avoid This Problem Johnson & Johnson invites 50 mom bloggers to “Camp Baby” • Blogger Social Bad • BlogHer Business Scheduling • Invited breastfeeding moms Bad Research • No babies allowed Bad • Continually spoke down to audience Assumptions • BlogHer members couldn’t blog Bad Publicity the event
  57. 57. A Note About Gender… Women are three times more likely to share personal stories with a friend than men. But…. Allow them to retain full control of the message or discount…
  58. 58. Foster relationships
  59. 59. Pay for posts… “No doubt about it. Michael Nivola is a smart guy who has done some smart things. However, ordering a review from John Chow dot Com for the Seven Day System may have not been the smartest thing to do.”
  60. 60. Follow the Rules of Viral Marketing Thou Shalt Thou Shalt Be Know Thy Remarkable Customer Four Rules Thou Shalt Tie Thou Shalt in Your Try, Try Again Message
  61. 61. Ask Yourself… What What Will they hasn’t been sparks risk their done passion? reputation? before? Ideas spread because they matter to the spreader…
  62. 62. How NOT to treat bloggers… Flight delays cause person to miss vacation. Terrible customer service “Please respond, Pasquale,blog we quot;We wouldn't respond to a but owe him nothingback toas I'm post. This goes as far the larger concerned. Let him tell the world question of the veracity of how bad weyou read on Internet everything are. He's never flown us before anyway and will be is blogs. Our customer service back when we save him a penny. “ great.quot;
  63. 63. Things I Don’t Care About (Neither do They) Your New Your New Your New Hire Office Award
  64. 64. Managing your reputation
  65. 65. The Power of a Good Post I When I came home this last time, I had an email from Zappos asking about the shoes, since they hadn’t received them. I was just back and not ready to deal with that, so I replied that my mom had died but that I’d send the shoes as soon as I could. They emailed back that they had arranged with UPS to pick up the shoes, so I wouldn’t have to take the time to do it myself. I was so touched. That’s going against corporate policy. Yesterday, when I came home from town, a florist delivery man was just leaving. It was a beautiful arrangement in a basket with white lilies and roses and carnations. Big and lush and fragrant. I opened the card, and it was from Zappos. I burst into tears. I’m a sucker for kindness, and if that isn’t one of the nicest things I’ve ever had happen to me, I don’t know what is. So… IF YOU BUY SHOES ONLINE, GET THEM FROM ZAPPOS.
  66. 66. The Power of a Bad Post…
  67. 67. Keep track of the conversation
  68. 68. A Reminder Why Blogs Work… Niches Flourish People Everyone Don’t has a The Web Trust Ads Voice Connects People People Trust Trust Friends Strangers
  69. 69. Thanks! Jennifer Evans Laycock Director of Social Media SiteLogic