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Jackson Law- Firm of the Future


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The Jackson Law Firm is a Virtual Law Firm (VLO) focusing primary in Personal Injury (Auto Accidents) and Entertainment Law.

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Jackson Law- Firm of the Future

  1. 1. Personal Injury Law Entertainment LawWhyJacksonLaw?Presented by: Angel Jackson,Esq.Founder & 382-0200
  2. 2. What Makes Jackson LawDifferent?Firmof the FutureUnbundled ServicesCaring. Dedicated
  3. 3. Firm of the Future TheJackson Law Firm is a firm of the future. With the rapid expansion of technology and the internet, many clients prefer the convenience of our Virtual Law Office (VLO), which allows legal advice to be obtained online from a lawyer licensed to practice in Georgia.
  4. 4. What is a VLO? A Virtual Law Office (VLO) is a web based, professional law office that provides a secure environment thats available to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The VLO includes areas for secure client-attorney communications, completion of online forms, secure sharing of confidential documents, client files, and client account information. This platform allows lawyers and clients the ability to handle legal matters at an affordable cost. Admittedly, legal services are expensive, but with the virtual law practice model, the greatest expense of brick and mortar overhead is gone, and the savings are passed on to the client.
  5. 5. What Can a VLO Do?• Consult with a licensed attorney regarding your legal needs in a secure online website• Request a free quote to perform legal services• Ask questions and get legal advice through personal threaded discussions• Order services, such as a Contract Drafting, Letter Drafting, Legal Research, Incorporation documents, etc.• Receive legal services, deliverables and documents online without sacrificing personal service• Manage the direction and scope of legal services you need• Review court files and other legal documents (PDF files)• Access invoices and pay legal bills• Schedule in-person help as needed through the online Calendar
  6. 6. Unbundled Services Unbundled legal services is a form of limited scope representation. Unbundled legal services allows you to enter into a limited scope representation agreement with a lawyer who is hired to complete only a particular task, say to draft a Complaint, for a small fee. Or if you want to go one step further and draft the pleading yourself, but want a lawyer to analyze what you have drafted to make sure it conforms with the law and to local court rules, you can end up paying even less.
  7. 7. How can unbundled legalservices help you? If you are in need of a lawyer but cannot afford representation, a lawyer who offers unbundled services will take on a limited scope representation for a much lower fee. This is possible because the lawyer is not taking on all the responsibility of your case, but instead only a specific task. Since you are in control with how much work you do for yourself, you are also in control of how much you spend. It’s a win-win situation. You get only the help you need at a much lower cost.
  8. 8. Caring. DedicatedIf you are injured in a wreck, call us today (404) 382-0200If you are in need of an unbundled service, register online at
  9. 9. The Jackson Law Firm (404)382-0200 Email: