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Induction lesson


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Introductory lesson for new AS Media Studies students

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Induction lesson

  1. 1. MEDIA STUDIES A-LEVEL Chew Valley School
  2. 2. WHAT SKILLS WILL I LEARN? An ability to analyse how media products are constructed How to produce media products across dif ferent platforms - either on your own or as part of a team  This includes skills in using digital still and video cameras, sound recording equipment, and industry -standard software for desktop publishing and video editing How to do individual research How to evaluate your own media products and those of others
  3. 3. WHAT WILL WE STUDY? Year 12 – AS Level Year 13 – A Level G321 Coursework:  G324 Coursework: Foundation Portfolio in Advanced Portfolio in Media Media  Creating a range of media texts and analysing and  Creating a range of media evaluating them via a blog texts and analysing and evaluating them via a blog G322 Exam: Key Media Concepts (TV Drama)  G325 Exam: Critical  A case study of Perspectives in Media representation and  Exploring key critical construction of TV Drama theories in the media  A case study of a key media industry such as film, music  Evaluation of production or magazines skills from across the course All units are equally weighted
  4. 4. BLOGGING All your coursework is assessed via your blog We will be using the Tumblr blogging platform See your booklet for guidance All blogs are organised around a central hub The “central” blog will be administered by me and can be found at This blog will be updated with lesson content, links, additional guidance and material
  5. 5. OVER THE SUMMER… Customise the theme of your blog. Try to customise it so that it represents your interests and personality. Remember, media is a creative subject with an eye on design and originality! Make your blog stand out. Post an introductory text post that explains:  who you are  why you have chosen to study the media  how you’d like to use the subject in the future
  6. 6. OVER THE SUMMER… Post: A music video you like, embedded from YouTube or similar, with a brief analysis of why you like it A film trailer you like, embedded from YouTube or similar, with a brief analysis of why you like it An advert (still or moving image) that you like, posted as an image or video clip, with a brief analysis of why you like it A link to a media website (see overleaf for some options – but don’t be limited to this list!) that you like with a brief analysis of why you like it. See for some examples
  7. 7. INTRODUCTORY TASK Objectives We will learn:  How a trailer is constructed  The difference between a teaser and a full trailer  How trailers are used in film marketing
  8. 8. INTRODUCTORY TASK In pairs, analyse this teaser trailer Try to answer the question: How does the trailer build up suspense? First viewing – watch the trailer to get the sense of it. Second viewing – divide the trailer up:  Person A: note the use of the camera (framing, distance, movement) and editing (how the sequence is put together and how one shot links to the next)  Person B: listen to the soundtrack (music, dialogue, sound effects) and note what you see in the frame (mis-en-scene – includes setting, costume, props, lighting)  Link to trailer
  9. 9. HOW DOES THE TRAILER BUILD UP SUSPENSE?Discuss together: how does the trailer build up suspense using:  Camera  Editing  Sound  Mis-en-scene
  10. 10. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE TRAILER? What genre is the film? Who is in it? What is the story about? What would you expect if you went to see the film in the cinema? Who do you think the target audience is? How ef fective do you think the trailer is overall? For each question, be prepared to answer “how do you know?” or “why?” questions! Five minutes in pairs before feedback
  11. 11. TEASER VS TRAILER That was a “teaser” trailer for The Woman in Black (2012) Here is the full trailer. What are the dif ferences? Why? How would a film production company use a teaser and a full trailer to market a film? Which trailer did you prefer, and why?
  12. 12. SUMMER WORK Customise your blog Post an introduction and then:  A trailer  A music video  An advertisement  A link to a website Briefly explain what you like about each one See you on results day…and then in September!