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Thompson & Toresen has a dedicated commitment to delivering results exceeding our clients expectations. We utilise modern technology, equipment and processes to ensure we stay ahead of our game and work constantly to anticipate our clients needs.

As the investigation service industry has grown over the past thirty years we have grown with it. We recognise the high level of sophistication and knowledge which clients now have in regards to their needs in this field.

We work in partnership with our clients to achieve cost effective results using the highest level of experience and commitment to achieve the results in a confidential way.

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Ttcorporatebrochur esept10 version1

  2. 2. 1INTRODUCTIONThompson and Toresen is a professional services company whose business is protectingclients from threats or risks to its people, property, assets, reputation and information.We do this by helping our clients to understand and monitor the risk environment theyoperate in, manage these risks to acceptable levels and develop effective responses toa multitude of threats.Thompson and Toresen provide Board members and key executives with the assurancethat their risks are being managed both professionally and appropriately.LICENSING AND INSURANCEAll of our investigators and support staff are screened personally by us, despite the factthat most are former Police Officers.Thompson and Toresen holds a current private investigators licence [Number xxxx]under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act 1974.All investigators working for us are licensed in accordance with the Act and coveredby our insurance. Paragon holds both Professional Indemnity Insurance and PublicLiability Insurance (cover: $1 million each)“There is no den in the wide world to hide a rogue. . . Commit a crime, and the earth is made ofglass.”Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882) INTEGRITY . EXPERIENCE . COMMITMENT
  3. 3. 2BUSINESS CRIMEMost of us have fallen victim to a crime in some form or another. In the competitivesense, it is difficult to imagine any company, which has escaped the consequence ofcrime. Indeed, analysts predict the situation is worsening. One area where offences growat an alarming rate is employee theft.The reality is the necessity for companies to essentially police themselves. The police arestruggling to deal with violent and other serious crimes and often cannot provide theresources to fully investigate corporate matters. It is clear that employees will continueto offend if this perception of apprehension is low. Accordingly, companies must take astrong line on dealing with employee theft.There was a time when employee theft meant a worker sneaking money from the till ortossing a carton in the back of his/her car. These days, employee theft, left unchecked,can be a deep-seated problem affecting the profitability and stability of an organisation.Collusion between staff members means that the problem can be in epic proportions.One statistic shows that given the opportunity, 70 per cent of all employees will steal,provided they believe they will not be caught, 10 percent will never steal and 20 per centwill steal no matter what.Although zero tolerance is the goal, even a tightly run company will experience someshrinkage, usually between .75 and 1.5 percent Many firms tolerate much higher. Itneed not be the case. With over 20 years in the investigation business, we can reduceshrinkage rates substantially.NEW ZEALAND POLICEThompson and Toresen has a deep understanding of the pressures and logisticalconstraints facing the New Zealand Police and as most members of the Thompson andToresen team are former police officers we have a mutual understanding of each other’sroles and responsibilities.As is demonstrated by a past deputy New Zealand Police Commissioner Steve Long:“The police see the security industry as a partner in crime prevention and detection, thepolice can’t do it on their own” North and South May 2003.Thompson and Toresen has worked closely with the New Zealand Police on numerousjoint operations and has a good working relationship at all levels. This means that ourclients are provided with an enhanced level of co-operation from the New ZealandPolice when the need arises.“Thieves respect property; they merely wish the property to become their property that theymay more perfectly respect it.”G.K. Chesterton (The Man Who Was Thursday, 1908)INTEGRITY . EXPERIENCE . COMMITMENT
  4. 4. 3 DRUG USE IN THE WORKPLACE Many employers in New Zealand are unaware that the work place has become one of the safest places to purchase and sell drugs. Firms should recognise that drug sales and use by employees results in lost productivity, higher overhead costs, and employee theft and embezzlement. Some consider the New Zealand Police have not realised that targeting work place drug trafficking can be an effective component in their overall anti-drugs effort and we are working towards lifting that profile with the New Zealand Police. Some senior management may feel ill-equipped to respond properly to work place drug crime. Generally management have limited experience with the criminal investigative process and are often fearful of legal liability issues. But by reaching out, businesses have the opportunity to make a difference in reducing New Zealand’s problem with drugs in the work place. The typical drug abusing worker is; five times more likely to file a claim for workers compensation, involved in accidents almost four times more often than other workers, and on sick leave twice the normal level and late to work three times more often than non-drug using employees. Added to these losses are incalculable indirect costs. Work place drug crimes impair workers judgment, diminish quality, and push productivity and morale down.“He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it.”(Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD) INTEGRITY . EXPERIENCE . COMMITMENT
  5. 5. 4 OUR TALENT Although Thompson and Toresen is a specialist corporate crime investigation firm we have a national coverage in most large cities in New Zealand and with over 30 licensed private investigators there is no corner of our country we cannot service. Our staff are experienced and sourced from investigation, insurance, legal and government authority backgrounds. This allows us to dedicate staff to their particular stream of expertise and so provide you with the highest quality investigation. Our investigators are experienced and highly trained in the investigation work that they do. Our quality control system provides them with continual feedback enabling them to hone their skills and allows them to be working on a continual improvement platform. Resumes of our senior investigators are available on request.“Obviously crime pays, or there would be no crime.”G. Gordon Liddy quotes (American Politician, b.1930) INTEGRITY . EXPERIENCE . COMMITMENT
  6. 6. PARAGON INVESTIGATIONS. CORPORATE & INSTITUTIONAL THOMPSON AND TORESEN SERVICES TO BUSINESS 5 The way an organisation responds to a problem is crucial. A professional, effective response can avoid or limit any damage, whilst an inappropriate or poor response merely compounds an already bad situation. Thompson and Toresen has a level of expertise with investigations and managing investigations that is unmatched by any other organisation in New Zealand today. Regardless of how effective your security is, there are going to be times when you experience loss or business crime. When that occurs, it is important that you investigate incidents quickly, professionally and competently, as in our experience it is rare for losses to stop without a comprehensive investigation. It often takes an astute investigator to determine who or what is responsible for an incident. It also requires sensitivity and commercial experience to get results with a minimum of disruption to the company and employees. Equally important, and often overlooked by managers looking for this type of service, is the requirement that an investigator has a thorough, practical knowledge of employment relations issues. Our detailed knowledge and extensive practical experience with employment issues enables us to obtain the results our clients are seeking without unwanted consequences. Some of our key capabilities include the following: • Investigations of corporate theft & fraud • Investigating External theft of goods or revenue • Investigating Internal theft • Employment-related investigations • Investigating Internal loss • Investigating Misuse of company property • Investigating Misuse of position • Investigating allegations of sexual harassment • Investigating Drug use on the company’s premises • Litigation driven investigations • Witness interviews • Background/character inquiries • Brief preparation • Exhibit identification & retention • Evidence/information analysis charts • Evidence presentation • Forensic investigations • Computer forensic investigations • Management of evidence • Forensic accounting investigations • Intellectual property investigations • Health and safety investigations following accidents, near misses or allegations • Due diligence investigations • Insurance fraud • General claims fraud (personal effects, vehicle-related, travel claims etc) • Benefit fraud • Medical provider fraud INTEGRITY . EXPERIENCE . COMMITMENT
  7. 7. PARAGON INVESTIGATIONS. CORPORATE & INSTITUTIONAL THOMPSON AND TORESEN CREDENTIALS IN ENFORCEMENT 6 Thompson and Toresen is a nationwide private provider of commercial, government and other specialist investigation audit and compliance services. The company principals have been, and still are very much instrumental in leading the industry from the front by pioneering work conducted by private firms for government departments. In many instances, we have been the first private investigators in New Zealand to work for these government agencies. We have many examples of work for government agencies and the examples below are not exhaustive. Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC”) In 1986, Dan Thompson ran a pilot scheme for the ACC who at that time had no enforcement division. The scheme was a success and they became the first ever private investigators appointed under the ACC legislation. Ministry of Agriculture – Meat (“MAF MEAT”) In 1992 Dan Thompson ran another pilot scheme, this time for MAF Meat, investigating allegations of breaches against the Meat Act 1981. At the time of our appointment MAF had no in-house investigators and the work was, in the main, completed by Meat Inspectors, most of who had no enforcement experience. Our successes nationwide were such that MAF Meat had excellent media and we then assisted in the establishment of an in-house investigations unit, training their investigators on enforcement procedures and the rules of evidence. Local Bodies Thompson and Toresen has assisted many Local Bodies in their fight against offending over a variety of important crime and dishonesty issues. INTEGRITY . EXPERIENCE . COMMITMENT
  8. 8. CLOSING 7 THOMPSON AND TORESEN DIRECTORSParagon holds a unique position within the New Zealand investigation market in that our services Daniel A.Thompson, dip policing, CFEare targeted at a select group of customers within the corporate, government and local governmentsectors. Dan is a Former New Zealand Police Detective withWe focus on creating Strategic Partnerships 30 years of investigativewhom we can add tangible value over with those customers for experience. Oneto their business. New Zealand’s first ever private investigators he is arguably one of the most well regarded corporate investigators in the country.Our business model is based on best practice, service quality and accountability. This means consistentinvestigation results, time after time. Contact Details: Direct Dial 09 357 6644 Mobile 021 468546 Email:“Crime is terribly revealing. Try and vary your methods as you will, your tastes, your habits, your attitude of mind, and your soulis revealed by your actions.”Agatha Christie quotes (English Detective, Novelist and Playwright, 1890-1976) Daniel J.Toresen, MSc. , CFE Daniel (Danny) Toresen has a long history in the investigation industry. With over 20 years experience in private investigations in New Zealand he is one of the country’s most experienced professional investigators. He attained a Masters Degree in security management from Leicester University in the United Kingdom in 2000. Contact Details: Direct Dial 09 357 6644 Mobile 021 620 888 Email: INTEGRITY . EXPERIENCE . COMMITMENT
  9. 9. TT Corporate Profile September 2010 . Thompson and Toresen. Investigators Central Park Corporate Center Building 10, Level 3 660 Great South Road, Penrose Auckland 1010 PO Box 422 Shortland Street Auckland 1010 New Zealand Telephone 09 357 6644 Facsimile: 09 292 8046 INTEGRITY . EXPERIENCE . COMMITMENT