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ILP CPD webinar: Lighting procurement portals: Unravelling the Mystery


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Private sector organisations are still affected by the public sector regulations, if payment for goods and services are coming from the public purse.

In this webinar, Kath Johnson from YPO provides you with a broad overview and insight into the many options that a public sector buyer considers, when choosing their compliant route to market.

She takes you through the different stages of participating in e-tendering portals, from registering your organisation, through to completion of a tendering process with some helpful tips in between.

By Kath Johnson from YPO

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ILP CPD webinar: Lighting procurement portals: Unravelling the Mystery

  1. 1. Procurement Portals Unravelling the mystery – with tips to increase participation
  2. 2. Introduction E-tendering portals are trying to mimic the sealed tendering process or yester-year Transparent and Accountable
  3. 3. Regulations - Who needs to comply? OJEU Permissible Users • Examples of Regulations Public Contract Regulations 2015 Utilities Contract Regulations 2016 Concession Contract Regulations 2016 sector-procurement-policy
  4. 4. The Public Sector Buyer - Options 1. Estimated value of spend 2. OJEU Threshold 3. Three quotes 4. Open Tender 5. Establish Own Framework or DPS 6. Search for Existing Framework or DPS – Scope  – Incumbent suppliers  – Local competitors  – National providers  Procurement Policy Note From 1st January 2020 Supply, Services and Design £189,330 DPS = Dynamic Purchasing System Just like a Framework Agreement except • New providers can apply to join at any time • Pricing for Direct Award is not an option Risks No-one bids Tenderers miss the deadline Low SME engagement
  5. 5. Tendering Options in Brief Open Procedure Restricted Procedure – Pre-Qualification Competitive Dialogue Competitive Procedure with Negotiation No pre-selection Pre-Selection for capacity, capability and experience – two stage process Complex or risky projects but not for off- the-shelf products/services. If it’s not possible to specify requirements
  6. 6. Standard Documents Invitation To Tender (ITT) • Scope i.e. approximate contract value, duration, specification • Process i.e. the rules • Timetable • Scoring Methodology • Weightings • Award Criteria • Quality Questions including Social Value Pricing Schedule DRAFT Terms and Conditions
  7. 7. Suppliers’ Actions AT PRESENT • Register on Tenders Electronic Daily for EU • Search on Contracts Finder for England  Public Contracts Scotland for Scotland  Sell2Wales for Wales  eSourcing NI and eTendersNI for Northern Ireland • Register on other e-tendering portals such as ProContract, Bravo, • Maintain good housekeeping - Monitoring Notifications - Departing Staff
  8. 8. Brexit When Brexit is done – Find A Tender • Advice for Business • From 1 January 2021, you will be able to use Find a Tender to view public procurement notices published by UK contracting authorities. • You will still be able to use existing portals such as Contracts Finder, MOD Defence Contracts Online, Public Contracts Scotland, Sell2Wales and eTendersNI to view low value or location specific notices. • All the EU procurement regulations have been adopted into UK law and therefore will still apply until the government change the laws.
  9. 9. Vendor Profile - SSQs • Vendor Profile – Standard Selection Questionnaire • Workgroups • CPV Codes – Common Procurement Vocabulary
  10. 10. During the Clarification Period • Terms and Conditions • Tender Particulars – Scope etc. • Adhere to deadlines • Never Assume
  11. 11. Responses to Quality Questions 1. Stick to the word count 2. Read the question - Answer each point - More is more 3. Stick to the rules 4. Don’t assume - Clarifications via messages - Read all the documents 5. Do not Canvass Any Tenderer who directly or indirectly canvasses any officer, member, employee, or agent of XXXX or its members concerning the establishment of the Framework Agreement/DPS/Tender or who directly or indirectly obtains or attempts to obtain information from any such officer, member, employee or agent or concerning any other Tenderer, Tender or proposed Tender will be disqualified.
  12. 12. Social Value & KPIs SOCIAL VALUES • Research the buyers’ needs • Donations of Food or Clothes • Charity Events • Education Events • Working with SMEs • Caring for our Environment • Packaging and Plastic Reduction • Floods and Pollution KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS • On time deliveries • Speed of completion • Number of new enquiries • Number of issues • Resolving issues
  13. 13. Marketing After award – tell the world
  14. 14. THANKS FOR LISTENING Kath Johnson Category Buyer - Highways YPO - Better value, delivered. | Mob: 07966886167