Story Badge Press Release


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What if you had a name badge that:
• displayed your name & logo in 3D, not 2D
• looped a customized multi-media story about you
• fit inside a standard clear badge holder?

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Story Badge Press Release

  1. 1. July 20, 2009 For Immediate Release Morrisville, NC – TouchStone 3D Services and The Idea Mechanics have introduced their first jointly designed product, Story Badge. Traditionally, a paper name badge doesn’t say much. In contrast, Story Badge lets the wearer “tell their story” by combining the multimedia capability of a personal digital media player with a 3D, full color, customized name badge. Story Badge is the perfect example of how Z-Corp 3D color printers can enable direct digital manufacturing. The Story Badge concept incorporates a company logo, name, job title, and a 30 second multimedia presentation, all onto a wearable name badge. Logos and lettering are presented in both color and 3D thanks to the capabilities of the Z-Corp Z510 used to produce them. “If you wear Story Badge to a trade show, you essentially become a walking billboard” said Allen Moore, one of the creators of Story Badge. The idea for the product came from Doug Foster, chief idea mechanic for The Idea Mechanics (; a company focused on creating tools that help people sell. “Selling is about conversations. To start a conversation, you need a ‘hook’” said Foster. Foster approached Allen Moore of TouchStone 3D Services (, a product design and rapid prototyping firm in Morrisville, NC
  2. 2. with the idea for Story Badge. “Here’s a cool idea, what if we could …”, Foster said. “We can do that!” Moore quickly replied, “and I know just how to make it.” Moore immediately went out and bought a popular digital media player. Using their 3D CAD system, Moore reverse engineered the exterior surfaces of the player to use as a guide. Then using TouchStone’s RIP (Rapid Iterative Prototyping) process, the two partners set out to create the new product. “The turn-around was amazing. We must have changed the design a dozen times, but we had a final working unit finished for our first trade show in just a couple of days” says Foster. The partners have commercialized Story Badge and by using Z-Corp’s Z510 3D printer, can deliver fully customized badge orders in less than 24 hours. Both Moore and Foster also use Story Badge themselves for trade shows and conferences. “I love it” said Moore. “It’s gets everyone’s attention and lets you immediately start up a conversation.” To learn how you can use Story Badge, visit www., or send email to