Sell Yourself: Me, Inc. (indieConf 2012)


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The corporate ladder is gone. The word “career” is meaningless. Being a “valued employee” is almost laughable.

Business in the social media decade is tough. Inside a Fortune 50 company or flying the flag of an independent, it doesn’t matter: you need to reach, teach, and engage with your personal brand.

Part Bauhaus design, part Dim sum strategy … Dan and Doug engage in a sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent bantering around why your brand and its promotion are so critical in 2012.

Presented by Doug Foster and Dan Metz

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  • leave up until the session starts\nDoug - thank you for attending\nthanks to Michael for inviting us\ntoss to Dan\n
  • Dan - introduction\n
  • Doug Foster\nI help people sell\ntoday about one sales tool - stories\nsite:\ntwitter: @theIdeaMechanic\nemail:\n
  • coffee with my friend Steve Brock\nboth been in the corporate world\nboth changed companies & jobs\ntalking about careers\n
  • advancing meant climbing the ladder\nadvancement by conflict\nthe ladder is gone\nthere are no job guarantees\nthere is little loyalty\n
  • what’s the new ladder?\nemployee -> freelancer –> employer\nconstant self-promotion & networking\n“state of mind”, “state of the moment”\nbook: you need a network\n
  • how do you transcend “jobs”?\nestablish a personal brand\nwe’re calling it Me, Inc.\nDoug - stories as part of your brand\nDan - visual aspects of your brand\n
  • I help people sell\n4 phases of a sales cycle\n5 steps of convincing\n#2 – your story (& backstory?)\n#3 - proof (success stories)\n
  • have a few stories in your pocket\nwho you are, you’ve done, can do\n3 of my stories\nstory #1: a backstory & success story\n
  • S.T.O.R.Y.\nS. – machinist, Jeff, ISU, suicide\nT. – Calc 120, Math 36\nO. – improved, Final: 96/100\nR. – John Deere, highest offer\nY. – fall back to move ahead\n1of3: DETERMINED\n
  • DBQ to corporate (promotion)\nleft for Team, issues, left\n200 letters mailed, nothing\nHickman: Who are you? Who am I!?\nstill true after 20+ years\n2of3: BUILDER, COMMUNICATOR\n
  • Stories are facts & emotions\nMy little girls\nLittle savings, mortgage, children ...\nthis WAS an emotional time & story\nIt turned out OK, came to NC\n
  • story #3\nBofA: 180k IP phones in 10 minutes\nin GBO on Saturday at 4pm\nin Dallas on Sunday at 9am\nthe protagonist: I don’t know you ...\n10 minutes, change my mind\n3of3: my BEST SUCCESS story\n
  • story on my site, check it out\nmy wife and I built our first house\nmiddle of an Iowa cornfield\nlots of pictures\ncomment\n\n
  • writing the story\nbiked across Iowa this summer\nwill be on my site is next few weeks\n
  • what is the take-away?\n2/5 about me: RESOURCEFUL\n#1 Tool = S.T.O.R.Y.\n#2 Tool = Kipling’s helpers\ntools to tell Short Stories that Sell\n
  • Kevin in Venice on his birthday\ncan’t think of any stories?\neverything is a story\nkeep several stories in your pocket\nmy backstory, story, success story\nhave more (dome, RAGBRAII, ...)\n
  • Dan picks up\nthanks Doug, from stories to visual\npersonal and work lines blur\ntraditional business hours gone\nlife’s work vs. just a job\nconvey identity\n
  • model is not new\nthey may have had jobs\ntheir work is associated with their identity\nmy heroes all, steve jobs\n
  • how do we bring this model to the digital age?\nkey lies in communicating who we are\nin voice and stories, plus visual elements\nput them together, modern model is a “brand”\n\n
  • so what is a brand?\nthis is how i frame it\nif true, your brand is your personality\neveryone has a brand\ndefine it and capture it\n
  • style or identity guide\nlarge orgs spend tons of money\n25 pages, cisco is bigger\nyou can do it yourself for free\nlets talk about 4 key components\nwe all need and use\n
  • first, your portrait\nsocial media asks for picture\nimportant for creating connections\nlawyers, real estate agents\nstory of astronaut/facebook\nstarted my business, use this one\nmy wife questioned, 1st impression?\n
  • i chose this one\nstory of why\nuse it even when questioned\nlike for indieconf\n
  • the next component\n1st words/ put name on work\nreinforces the personal connection\nexercise: sharpie /scan\nnot the same as checks\nbranding terms: this is a great logo\n
  • majority of communication in type\nspecialized field: subjective & objective\nyou can apply it well without all that\npick a font and use it everywhere\nbrowse/resonate/arial-times in doubt\n
  • color is subjective\nmy color story for these colors\npick some and define their specs\nrgb for screens/cmyk for print\n
  • all together in one view\npersonal brand identity guide\nmy voice, my story added\n
  • Doug’s identity\n“What do you think Dan?”\nDan’s comments\n
  • “Maybe like this?”\nEveryone is different\n
  • Wrap & read\n
  • Thank you. Questions?\n
  • \n
  • Sell Yourself: Me, Inc. (indieConf 2012)

    1. 1. dan metz, Doug Foster
    2. 2. Coffee with Steve
    3. 3. The old ladder is gone
    4. 4. What’s the new ladder?
    5. 5. narrative visual
    6. 6. Convince Me! Plan the trip Tell your story Show proof Try it Find Satisfy completely Foster Educate CloseBackstory – My story – Success story
    7. 7. Machinist to M.E.
    8. 8. Situation Overcome Results Trouble You S.T.O.R.Y.
    9. 9. Who do I think I am?
    10. 10. Stories are emotional
    11. 11. BofA and VoIP
    12. 12. Building the Dome HomeBuilding the Dome home
    13. 13. Riding RAGBRAI
    14. 14. “The universe is made of stories, not atoms” – Muriel Rukeyser
    15. 15. Interesting Childhood Machinist Mechanical Engineer Internet Integrator Sales Engineer Idea Mechanic |īdēəә| |məәkanik| ñ - Imaginative strategist, conversational storyteller, demonstration engineer, experience architect, & customer advocate.Arial Regular Arial Bold Arial Italic Doug’s identity
    16. 16. Resourceful Building the Dome home Idea Mechanic |īdēəә| |məәkanik| ñ - Imaginative strategist, conversational storyteller, demonstration engineer, experience architect, & customer advocate.Arial Regular Short Stories that Sell Arial Bold BofA and VoIP (180k IP phones in 10 min.) Arial Italic Doug’s identity
    17. 17. Who do you think you are? What are your stories? What is your brand?
    18. 18. Questions?
    19. 19. dan metz, Doug Foster